School Outreach Program of the 8th AFHS-Mn

James Rasmussen, Vince Parker, Bob Clemens, Larry Bachman and others, regularly talk about World War II (and the Great Depression) at area schools as part of the 8th AFHS-Mn School Outreach Program, a part of the mission of the organization. Don Kent and Norm Grant had also been very active in promoting veterans programs at Minnesota schools before they passed away.
When he was young, (6 years old) Vince Parker attended a school program on Decoration Day, now Veterans Day, when a WW I Veteran spoke about America's values and his war experiences. Sitting on chairs in a row in front of the WW I speaker were three Civil War Veterans!. (See bottom of the page for video of Civil War Vets 1913-1938.) Vince Parker, Bob Clemens, Jim Rasmussen, and other WW II veterans are carrying forward a tradition to teach young Americans about American history, which they learned as a value when they were young. We hope that someday students who have heard them speak of their experiences may also have occasion to remember them, and what they did, to a future generation of Americans. 
James Rasmussen, B-17 Navigator, 8th Air Force
(Below) Jim Rasmussen speaking at St. Francis High School, St. Francis, Mn., 2011. (20 min.)
Vince Parker, B-17 Tail Gunner 15th Air Force
(Below) Vince Parker and Bob Clemens speaking at North High School Nov. 28, 2011. (48 min.) 
Bob Clemens, B-17 Navigator, 15th Air Force
 (Below) Bob Clemens speaking at Saint Francis High School (2011) (24 min.)
Vince Parker speaking to students at Hill Murray School, Maplewood, MN. (58 min.)
Educational DVDs of various lengths are available of these Presentations.
Teachers: Please Contact Kevin Callahan at to request a copy of a DVD for your class or school library. Live presentations by speakers in the classroom are also available.

The Harley Stroven Film, a narrated 8 mm home movie about life on the base at Sudbury also has film of a bombing mission, London during the war, and Paris shortly after the war.
References: Educators who have invited 8th AFHS-Mn veterans to speak at their schools recently include Keith Lipinski, American History Instructor, St. Francis High School, St. Francis, Mn, Mary Eileen Fitch, Hill-Murray School, Maplewood, Mn (E-mail and MSgt. Brian Buesgens, Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor, North High School, North St. Paul, Mn (E-mail
You can watch Vince Parker's presentation at Hill-Murray School below or on You Tube. (58 min.; 2011)
DVD Description:
Vincent Parker, B-17 Tail Gunner, U.S. Army Air Forces, 15th Air Force, 301st Bomb Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron, Foggia, Italy, 41 missions: 1944-1945, describes his experiences and the lessons he learned during World War II to a classroom of students. He enlisted at 17, was in at 18, and was discharged at 19 years of age. Vince is a member of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota and does educational outreach programs at schools. (58 min.:2011)
This project has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society. 
 (Below) Film of Civil War Veterans. Credit Ken Burns and School Tube.

The U.K. Teaching Resources about the 8th Air Force are quite extensive and come at the subject from a  different "angle." 
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