Ed Kueppers, AM, Aviation Historian

Ed Kueppers was a Past President of the 8th AFHS-Mn
 Ed Kueppers
According to the Aero Historians website
"[H]is company Kueppers Insurance Agency, [was] a company he owned for nearly 40 years. ...  I suspect [the B-17G] was one of his favorite aircraft as he would become very much involved in the national organization The Eighth Air Force Historical Society. Ed was an avid aero historian, and he collected many films and videos of WWII aviation subject matter. Early on in the 8th Air Force Historical Society, he would supply films and videos for the membership to watch at the annual National Convention. He would eventually become the Society's Information Manager, and was a Past President of the Minnesota Chapter of the 8th Air Force Historical Society. He was also a board member of the Memorial Museum Foundation. Ed served the Twin City Aero Historians as President, VP, Treasurer and Editor."