Ed Erickson, B-24 Bombardier, 8th AF


Edmund M. ("Ed") Erickson, 1st Lt., B-24 Bombardier, USAAF, 8th Air Force, 801st Bomb Group, 859th Bomb Squadron, Station 174 Harrington Field, UK, (also 492nd Bomb Group) and Brindisi, Italy. Nickname the "Carpetbaggers." Flew 56 secret night missions supplying the French and Yugoslavian Resistance during WWII. On Feb. 25, 1945 the B-24 was running out of gasoline and in lightening the aircarft unknowingly dropped a rather expensive cargo into the Adriatic Sea.  Ed's wife Betty Erickson also packed incendiaries in the Twin Cities during the war.
(Below) Ed and Betty and Larry Sagstetter Dec. 3, 2012
Print of 801st BG night mission in Ed and Betty's kitchen

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