Don Ward, USN Pilot, Author

Don Ward, b. 1938, USN Pilot, is the author of The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings (2004) mostly about members of the 8th AFHS-Mn. He attended meetings for several years and currently resides in Pattaya, Thailand.
Veterans who have their stories in The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings include the following; (PILOTS) Lawrence W. Bachman, Thomas C. Daniel Jr., Donald O. Davis, Robert Jorgenson, Junior H. Gossell, Dwight G. Olson, Clyde W. Thompson; (FLIGHT ENGINEERS/TOP TURRETGUNNERS) Richard E. Denny, Thom Jordan, Thomas T. Tamraz; (RADIO OPERATORS) Harold Tilbury, Warren Shaffer; (AERIAL GUNNERS) Wesley C. Borgeson, Donald O’Hearn, Vincent Parker, Raymond Prozinski,, Lester F. Schrenk, Archie M. Thomas, Benjamin F. Vickery, Eugene Edward Wayrynen; (BOMBARDIERS) Frank Frison, William J. Johnson, Lauritz S. Kuhlstad; (NAVIGATORS) William Gordon Cannon, Robert J. Clemens, Norman Grant, (ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAINING) Wallace Forman; (OTHER BRIEF STORIES OF INTEREST) Don Hanson, Willard B. Hertig, Mark Holmes, Dallas McLaughlin, Earl Joswick, Don Kent.