Dick Heyne, B-24 Flight Engineer/Top Turret gunner

Dick Heyne, B-24 Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, United States Army Air Forces, 11th Air Force, 404th Bomb Group, (Aleutians, Alaska) WWII Veteran.
Report from the Aleutians Directed by John Huston
"Report from the Aleutians," directed by John Huston, follows the daily
life of American soldiers serving in the Aleutian Islands, which extend
in sequence off the shores of Alaska. Despite being cold, barren, and
generally disagreeable, the Aleutians held military bases of immense
strategic value in the Pacific theater of World War II. The film
describes the geographic importance of the islands, and provides a
portrait of daily wartime operations, such as attack planning and
bombing raids, that take place at the bases. Huston pays particular
attention to life on the island of Adak in the wake of the Battle of
Dutch Harbor, culminating in a first-person perspective of an actual
American bombing run against the Japanese.