Dexter C. Shultz, B-24 Pilot, 15th AF

 (Above) Interview of Dexter Shultz by Kevin Callahan and Vince Parker
Transcript of the above Oral History Video Interview of Dexter C. Shultz, WWII B-24 PILOT, 15TH AF, 49TH BW, 484TH BG, 824TH SQ, ITALY.
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Dexter Shultz with his son, Dean, from Salt Lake City, at the November 30, 2011 8thAFHS-Mn Luncheon.
Dexter C. Shultz, B-24 Pilot/Co-pilot, USAAF, 15th Air Force, 49th Bombardment Wing, 484th Bomb Group, 824th Squadron (Italy). He flew 27 combat bombing missions by the end of the war and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. See the Citation.(June 2010 Newsletter, page 8, .pdf file)
Dexter Shultz and Larry Bachman, Fellow B-24 Pilots