Dan Cherry, F-4 Phantom Pilot


Dan & Jeff

Jeff Feinstein (left) and Dan Cherry (right) in front of F-4D Phantom 550, Aviation Heritage Park, Bowling Green, KY. (Photo: Aviation Heritage Park website)
Brigadier General Dan Cherry, USAF (ret.), 432nd Tactical Fighter Wing, is from Bowling Green, Kentucky and was a speaker at An Evening With Eagles, Air Expo 2011, Flying Cloud Airport, Eden Prairie, Mn. Dan Cherry was an F-4D Phantom Pilot in Vietnam and has written an excellent book about his wartime (and peacetime) experiences called My Enemy, My Friend. He shot down a North Vietnamese MIG-21 and recently met and became friends with the pilot. He is currently involved with the Bowling Green, KY Aviation Heritage Park which features his restored F-4 Phantom. 
(Below) At the An Evening With Eagles symposium, Air Expo 2011, Dan described the dogfight and his later meetings with the Vietnamese pilot.