Curt Brown, Astronaut, Space Shuttle Discovery Commander

Curt Brown, Astronaut and Space Shuttle Discovery Commander, flew 6 shuttle missions. Three missions were as a pilot and three were as the Commander of Discovery. Curt was the Co-pilot for a Sun Country Airlines trip to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum by Dulles Airport, Washington, DC on April 28, 2012. The trip was organized by Spook Johns and included a two hour session with Curt speaking about his experiences. The Discovery shuttle had just been put on display at the Udvar-Hazy Center the week before. Spook Johns, Myron Asper, Dick Kennedy, Joe Olson, and Kevin Callahan attended the talk and went on the trip. Curt is also a frquent speaker at the annual Air Expo at Flying Cloud Airport, Eden Prairie, Mn.
Some of the highlights of the visit to the Udvar-Hazy center included seeing the Discovery up close, the Enola Gay, (see this interesting link to a view from the cockpit), a P-47 Thunderbolt from Myron Asper's brother Harold's squadron, Eddie Rickenbacker's WWI Uniform, the X-35B Joint Strike Force Fighter and many others.
Curt Brown, Buzz Aldrin, Jack Schmitt, Karen Nyberg  and other NASA Astronauts teach the general public about space exploration and mentor the next generation at the Go Boldly Expo, sponsored by AirSpace Minnesota, April 26, 2014, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Photography & Video: Kevin Callahan (8th AFHS-Mn).

Photo of Discovery by JeffGamble