Clinton Johnson, B-29 Navigator-Bombardier

Clinton celebrating his 90th Birthday with some birthday cake.
8th AFHS-Mn Luncheon (Feb.2011)
Clinton B. Johnson, Navigator-Bombardier, Boeing B-29 Superfortress; U.S. Army Air Forces, Twentieth Air Force, Twenty-First Bomber Command, 73rd Bomb Wing, 498th Bomb Group, 873rd Squadron. “T Square 8,” and others. Pacific Theater, WWII Veteran.(1942-45).
Presentation date: June 30, 2010
Online Transcript of the 8th AFHS-MN Presentation (see Brothers of the Air, pp.16-34)
Online Transcript of the Oral History Interview.
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Clinton B. Johnson's aircrew:
AC Harold Chaplain 1st Lt
C/P George Devereaux 2nd Lt
B. Clinton B. Johnson 2nd Lt
N. George Kopfso 2nd Lt
E Bob Fleming 2nd Lt
Radio Branlow Hamrick T/Sgt
Top Turret William Grube Sgt
R. Gunner Danson Kendall Sgt
L. Gunner Bob Layton Cpl
T. Gunner Marvin Aleva Cpl
Radar Isadore Meltzer Sgt
Clinton Johnson flew from Saipan in several B-29s identified with a "T Square" number on the tail according to his log book. (As planes were lost, a T Sq. number was reused on a new plane.) These included:
Nov. 27, 1944  T-Sq.-9 Tokyo
Dec. 3 1944 T-Sq.-1 Tokyo
Dec. 8, 1944 T-Sq.-6 Iwo Jima
Dec. 18, 1944 T-Sq.-7 Nagoya
Dec. 22, 1944 T-Sq.-8 Nagoya
Dec. 27, 1944 T-Sq.-8 Tokyo
Jan. 14, 1945 T-Sq.-5 Nagoya
Jan.19, 1945 T-Sq.-8 Akasin (Kobe area)
Jan. 27, 1945 T-Sq.-5 Tokyo
Feb. 10, 1945 T-Sq.-12 Ota
Feb. 15, 1945 T-Sq.-8 Nagoya
Feb. 25, 1945 T-Sq.-8 Tokyo
Feb. 27, 1945 T-Sq.-6 Hammamatsu
March 4, 1945 T-Sq.-8 Tokyo
March 8, 1945 T-Sq.-5 Iwo Jima
March 9, 1945 T-Sq.-4 Tokyo
March 11, 1945 T-Sq.-8 Nagoya
March 16, 1945 T-Sq.-2 Kobe
March 18, 1945 T-Sq.-5 Nagoya
March 23, 1945 T-Sq.-7 Nagoya
March 27, 1945 T-Sq.-5 Kyushu
March 31, 1945 T-Sq.-16 Kyushu
etc. through May 17, 1945
The National Archives has footage and still photos of several B-29s with these tail markings which are available online.
Target Tokyo (1945) Narrated by Ronald Reagan (21:22) Documentary about B-29s first attack on Tokyo.

See also the War Department's Film The Last Bomb
(Below) Photo of the last flying B-29 FIFI at the Oshkosh Airshow, July 29, 2011. Photo: Kevin Callahan
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Clinton Johnson (sons: Mark, Donald, Paul), at the 8th AFHS-Mn Holiday Party at Mancinis Char House, December 4, 2011.
A two hour videotaped Oral History Interview is saved on DVD.

(Above) Clinton at the WW II History Round Table Oct. 10, 2013 with Hugh Schilling (left) and Bob Michelsen (right).
(Below) Slide show with music of the last flying B-29 "FIFI" at Duluth, MN on Aug. 6, 2013. Photos taken by Kevin Callahan