Charles (Chuck) Mazzola, B-24 Tail Gunner, 15th AF, 456th BG

Charles (Chuck) Mazzola, B-24 Tail Gunner, 15th AF, 456th BG, Stornara, Italy flew 14 missions in 1945, mostly over the Alps. His crew was delayed in starting their missions when they were put in quarantine when one crewman got the Mumps. This delay may have saved them. His crew had one turnback due to a missing engine and the most dangerous missions were to Linz, Austria due to heavy flak and fighters. Late in the war these included the new ME-262 German Jet, which with the ME-109 attacked his formations. On one mission to Linz a formation was turning right and he got off some rounds at a jet and he saw a puff of smoke from the plane, He doesn't know what happened to it after that. He said he had the best view of the ground as to where the bombs were hitting of any position on the B-24, but he also had bullets go right through the plexiglass one time and was lucky to have not been injured or killed that day. He was on B-24 Pilot, Commodore E. Beaver's aircrew Crew Photo and he thought he was a very good pilot. They were escorted by fighters, including the Tuskegee airmen on some of their missions.