Bob Campbell, B-17 Pilot

(Center) Bob Campbell and Dick Hill (Right) August 10, 2011 just after Bob's presenation to the 8th AFHS-MN.
Robert (Bob) Campbell, B-17 Pilot,  Night missions dropping leaflets using the Menrowe Bomb, U.S. 8th Air Force, 406th Bomb Squadron, American Military Intelligence Department, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) England, 94 years old,
"I was the pilot and crew commander flying B-17 aircraft at night flying alone without fighter escort, dropping propaganda leaflets over Germany and German occupied countries in Europe during the spring and summer of 1944.  The OSS printed up the leaflets, packed them in a cardboard cylinder called a "Menrowe Bomb" and we were the paper delivery boys for the OSS.  We were a special squadron attached to the 8th Air Force.  I flew 49 such missions, we flew close to 30,000 feet so most of the flak could not get that high,  I had a super Navigator so I could wander all over, so the German Night Fighters could not find us.  He had a special Royal Air Force "G Box" with a scope tuned in on three radio stations to get his locations, and my Navigator would give correction headings to wander around to get to our locations to drop the leaflets.  "Those were the days when we were young, 70 years ago."
Graduated Aviation Cadet 1943, then Feb.-Mr. 1944 B-17F Training in Texas, Later flew night missions from England. Audio and video available.