Al Anderegg, B-17 Bombardier, 96th BG, ex-POW

Alfred F. Anderegg, B-17 Bombardier, USAAF, Eighth Air Force, 96th Bomb Group (U.K.), ex-POW, Stalag Luft III (100 miles SE of Berlin. Barracks 128, South Compound).  The North Compound of Stalag Luft III was where The Great Escape took place. Shot down on June 14, 1943 over the island of Pellwurm on the Frisian Coast while returning from a mission to bomb the submarine pens at Kiel, Germany using the "Javelin down" formation. Survived The Black March. After liberation, Al was in Paris on VE day and had about 17 people on the jeep he was riding through the city in. Most of the passengers were women. He returned to the States on a Liberty ship. After the war Al became a Doctor. Presentation Date, September 14, 2011 (Video available.) Al hasn't written up his memories in a book, but he says that perhaps the best book to get an idea about what life was like in Stalag Luft III is the out-of-print book (but still available in libraries) POW Odyssey: Recollections of Center Compound, Stalag Luft III and the Secret German Peace Mission in World War II by Major General Delmar T. Spivey, USAF. Al thought it was pretty accurate as a description of his POW experience. Additional Bibliography: Snetterton Falcons (Unit book about the 96th BG), Clipped Wings (POW book with photos by the camp's official photographer), Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free (POW book,  author lived in the same barracks as Al), The Longest Mission (a well done publication with photos).
Al (right) talking to Lou Martin (left)  9-14-2011 after Al's presentation at the 8thAFHS-Mn Luncheon.
Al talking to Bob Campbell 9-14-2011 8th AFHS-Mn
Bart Foster talking to Al 9-14-2011. 8thAFHS-Mn
96th BG's Book
Photos and descriptions of the POW camp.
Alexander Jefferson was in the same barracks in Stalag Luft III.
(Left) Emmett MacKenzier, (Center) Bela Schellenberg, and (Right) Al Anderegg (96th BG, ex-POW)
at the July 13, 2011 8th AFHS-Mn Luncheon after Bela's Presentation.
Al speaking to the October 12, 2011 8th AFHS-Mn luncheon

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