Air Expo 2011, Wings of the North, Eden Prairie, Mn

The presentations in various symposia and the Evening With Eagles dinner are a yearly event in July and well worth attending. The presentations by Dick Cole, Boots Blesse, Jim Hill and many, many others are a highlight of the event.
Liz Strohfus, Women's Air Service Pilot
Lt. Col. Dick Cole, Co-pilot, Doolittle Raider
Larry Bachman, B-24 Pilot, 8th AF, (with B-24 model made by Spook Johns).
Dave Dahlberg, B-17 Flight Engineer / Top Turret Gunner, 8th AF
Cliff Digre, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, 8th AF
Spook Johns, AD-6/7 Skyraider Pilot, US Navy, Cold War and Vietnam
(seated) with Roald Knutson, US Army (standing).
Spook talking to Raold Knutson (US Army 1952-54).
Spook Johns model of Dieter Dengler's AD-6 Skyraider.
Jim Johns, Aviation Historian and Aircraft Restorer, Symposium Moderator.
(Right) Leon Frankel, TBM Avenger Pilot
Lyle Bradley, USMC, Marine Air Reserve Pilot, Chosin Reservoir, Korea.
 (Standing) Harry Burke, USMC Bazookaman, Fox Company, Fox Hill, Chosin Reservoir, Korea
(Seated) Lyle Bradley, USMC Pilot, Chosin Reservoir, Korea.
(Seated Right) Joe Gomer, Tuskeegee Airman and P-39, P-47, & P-51 Pilot
Joseph P. Gomer, USAAF & USAF Fighter Pilot, WWII, Korea,
(Enlisted 1942, Ret'd 1964.)
Farmer's Zeppelin NT airship (the world's largest) landing.
 Zeppelin overhead
 Zeppelin in flight
Liz Strohfus's Granddaughter, Liz, Myron, and Steve Marks
B-17 Yankee Lady
 Yankee Lady
B-25 Miss Mitchell
TBM Avenger
Stearman Biplane