8th AFHS-Mn Audio Programs

Audio programs are programs of talk or music made available in digital format for manual download over the Internet. These can be saved and then listened to on the computer or portable device and E-mailed, etc. A "podcast" is a streaming program or automatic download.

Current programs:
Examples: The 8th AFHS-Mn's Meeting Information or the Calendar of Upcoming Events for July 16, 2014 can be manually downloaded in MP3 file format to your computer or IPod for later listening.

Some Current Presentations to the 8th AFHS-Mn are in MP3 format.
For example: 
etc. (See the Current Presentations page.)

Wartime / Old Time Radio Programs: 
Your Army Air Forces Radio Shows from 1945 are downloadable from the National Archives Internet Archives.
Other old radio programs that may be of interest from the Internet Archives (they're free)  include: GI Jive, GI Journal, Jill's All-Time Jukebox, Jubilee, The Glenn Miller Show(s), The Andrews Sisters Show, The Bob Hope Show(s), The Kate Smith Show, the WW II News Broadcasts of Drew Pearson, Walter Winchell, etc.

Big Band / Swing Music from the 30s and 40s on Internet Radio