Finger Chart For Violin

finger chart for violin
  • A part of a glove intended to cover a finger
  • feel: examine by touch; "Feel this soft cloth!"; "The customer fingered the sweater"
  • Each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included)
  • A measure of liquor in a glass, based on the breadth of a finger
  • feel or handle with the fingers; "finger the binding of the book"
  • any of the terminal members of the hand (sometimes excepting the thumb); "her fingers were long and thin"
  • bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow
  • A stringed musical instrument of treble pitch, played with a horsehair bow. The classical European violin was developed in the 16th century. It has four strings and a body of characteristic rounded shape, narrowed at the middle and with two f-shaped sound holes
  • (violinist) a musician who plays the violin
  • Violin was the first album released by violinst Vanessa-Mae. It was recorded in October 1990, near her 12th birthday, and released shortly afterwards in March 1991. Vanessa-Mae contributed her royalties from the album to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
  • Plot (a course) on a chart
  • Make a map of (an area)
  • Record on a chart
  • a visual display of information
  • make a chart of; "chart the territory"
  • a map designed to assist navigation by air or sea
finger chart for violin - Mel Bay
Mel Bay presetns Finger Positions for the Violin
Mel Bay presetns Finger Positions for the Violin
The intention of this book is to illustrate where the fingers of the left hand are placed on the fingerboard of the violin. The diagrams showing the relative positions of the fingers in each key are complemented by music notation. No attempt is made to show the exact positions of the fingers on the fingerboard, since this depends on several factors. What is shown is where two fingers are either close together, as for a semi-tone, or further apart, as for a tone. The first four positions are illustrated for all keys. Those patterns can then be repeated for the higher positions.

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Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee FUSE
Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee FUSE
"Electric violinist Ben Lee and the FASTEST VIOLIN PLAYER IN THE WORLD on both Acoustic and Electric violins has had his lightning fingers insured for ?3 million. Ben, 3-times world record holder, signed the policy as he is always being asked to show off his skill around the world. Electric violinists Ben Lee and Linzi Stoppard, daughter in law of playwright Sir Tom, make up the band FUSE. Lee, now holder of the Guinness World Record for "Fastest Violinist" in both the electric and acoustic violin categories was banned from the British classical charts last year after playing with White Lies and Gorillaz.
A study on the form and shape of a simple violin.

finger chart for violin