Worldwide Brands Review 2020 | Is It Worth It? My experience ...

In this article, I will be sharing with you my honest review and experience with WorldWide Brands.

I had been thinking about starting a selling business on eBay for many years but I didn’t know where to start. But when I decided to go for it and started looking for wholesalers, I jumped on line and started doing my research. Since I am new to this, I got sucked into buying a list from eBay that promise to provide you with thousands of wholesalers and drop shippers. Even though it was only a dollar, it was a complete waste of money and I was horrified with what I got. The majority of companies didn’t exist, and the other ones were so suspicious looking I didn’t even bother to contact any of them.
After some more searching, I was ready to give up until I stumbled across Worldwide Brands (WWB). They are a company who specialize in providing everything sellers need to know about drop shippers and wholesalers. One of the things that impressed me the most is that they also have a directory for Light Bulk Wholesalers; these companies don’t require that buyers purchase huge quantities for a price reduction. In general, the minimum purchase requirement is $150. They also provide you with free access to really useful resources and tell you where to get the right training to succeed with your online business. And they offer all this for a small price of $300.
It didn’t take me long to decide that this was exactly what I needed because I am a student and I don’t have the money to make a huge upfront investment. Therefore, their services really appealed to me. As you have read, I was burnt before, and all I could do this time was cross my fingers and hope for the best, and I wasn’t at all disappointed!

My Thoughts on Worldwide Brands Directory

The best feature of World Wide Brands is their comprehensive directory of drop shippers and wholesalers and they make certain they provide their customers with the best in the business, here’s how:
They go to trade shows and scout for members to add to their directory
They investigate them further by going to their warehouses
They must be certified before they are added to the directory
In the back of my mind I was afraid that this was a bit of an exaggeration, did they really make all this effort to ensure they had the right people on their list? My fear was that the majority of these companies could be found by conducting a Google search, in which case I could have done the work myself. However, once I started to do my own investigations, I found out that these companies are quite unique. First, they are not readily available to everyone and second, they provide branded as well as generic products. WWB do have a few well-known companies in their directory, but the majority of them are very obscure.

WorldWide Brands Are True to Their Word

There are more than enough reputable wholesalers listed on their directory, and if you’ve got a tax ID, you are eligible for a discount. Although it’s not a requirement of WWB to make a large order before getting a discount, you will get a very large discount if you spend more money somewhere in the price range of $5 to $10 K. The company do not try and hide this from you, they are open and honest about it.
When it comes to selling, the reality is that if you don’t buy in bulk, it’s almost impossible to make a profit because of shipping, PayPal and eBay fees and there is no way around this no matter how much you attempt to slice and dice things.

What Type of Suppliers Are Available on Worldwide Brands?

There are loads of different suppliers, but I can’t talk about all of them so here is one that stood out to me. One of the companies were selling pop-culture niche products, they were offering me a cheaper price than what the items were going for on eBay. However, if I wanted to get a bigger discount, I would need to buy more. They were offering exactly what WWB advertises, even though you can get a discount on larger quantities, you don’t need to buy larger quantities to make a purchase from this wholesaler.
You can search for suppliers either by market, or suppliers, after you hit enter, you are provided with a list of everything you need. WWB also provides you with the contact information of the wholesaler which means there is no middle man and you can work directly with them. In this way, you are getting the best deal without having to worry about what you are spending affecting your profit margins.
All in all, I am very happy with the services of WorldWide Brands Directory, and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get involved in dropshipping.

Article By J. Brandt - Posted on 8th of January 2020