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List of 8 Best Drop Shipping Companies and Wholesale Companies For Your Ecommerce Store

Looking for info on how to find the best dropshipping companies and wholesale companies?

Drop shipping can make or break an ecommerce business. Finding the right company is a daunting challenge and yet it is imperative for an ecommerce entrepreneur to make the right choice if the venture has to be profitable.

In this comprehensive guide we shall highlight the features, pricings, products catalogue, shipping options and support among other aspects of the best wholesale drop shipping companies.

Keep reading to see our full list of the best dropshipping companies and wholesale companies based in USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia suitable for eBay & Amazon sellers...

  • SaleHoo (Winner)

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SaleHoo is inarguably one of the best drop shipping companies in the world right now. The New Zealand firm is based in the city of Christchurch. It has been in business for nearly fifteen years now and has already empowered over a hundred thousand people to establish and expand their ecommerce businesses. SaleHoo is a resourceful tool for ecommerce stores as well as for those who are looking for reliable wholesalers.

With SaleHoo, ecommerce store owners can find products in demand as well as low cost certified wholesalers in their directory. Their platform also provides useful educational material to ensure ecommerce stores have reputable dropshippers and can discover best selling products.

The company has won several recognitions for its customer support.

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Their Market Research Labs tool enables users to find profitable products or ideas. Trending and bestselling products can be identified, thereby empowering ecommerce enterprises to explore profitable products that they can dropship.

SaleHoo's wholesale directory is basically a massive list of trusted wholesalers with relevant certifications. Users can have well defined search criteria to find legitimate wholesalers from a database of over eight thousand. Smart seller training includes guides or tutorials, both textual and videos, to train ecommerce entrepreneurs so they can capitalize in on the niche in which they wish to operate in.

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SaleHoo's platform includes immersive online sales training & guides

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SaleHoo review labs

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The biggest advantage of SaleHoo is its wholesale directory. There are more than one and a half million products you can choose from. The interface is simple and there are no complex processes.

The company is as apt a choice for large stores as it is for ecommerce startups, even for those who want to resell products as a part-time business.

Users can get started for as little as $67 per year but a free trial is not available.

There is a money back guarantee though, valid for sixty days. Committed and diligent entrepreneurs can find the finest products and dropshipping companies through SaleHoo...

Reviews - SALEHOO safety feedback

SaleHoo has some extremely useful features, especially market research labs and wholesale directory, smart seller training and community forum.

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  • AliDropship

AliDropship is basically a plug-in. The AliExpress Dropshipping plug-in for WordPress transforms the ecommerce site into an AliExpress dropship e-store. Those who are using WordPress will find this plug-in greatly beneficial. AliExpress has innumerable products. Users can import these directly from AliDropship and through the AliExpress plug-in into their online store powered by WordPress. Ecommerce entrepreneurs can get started for as little as $89.

AliExpress Dropshipping WordPress plug-in is a turnkey solution. Users do not need prior experience in ecommerce or drop shipping. The entire drop shipping store can be developed for the user from scratch. The web store can be then modified to suit the niche. There are basic, advanced and ultimate plans for users. You do not have to go for a custom store. You can incorporate the features and facilities of AliDropship into your existing store. The plug-in is easy to install. There are some utilitarian features such as auto updating of information pertaining to products, orders and tracking of shipments. From stock management to getting support from the community forum, this is one comprehensive platform for dropshippers and ecommerce businesses.

The plug-in is compatible with most major applications and features you may run on your WordPress ecommerce store. There is an entry level plan that costs much less. There are custom plans that have substantial costs but they are perfect for larger stores and those who want a unique presence. The only limitations of the plug-in are the aesthetic attributes since not all themes can be used for the store powered by the tool and the available gateways to process payments.

  • Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands brings the best dropshipping companies from around the globe to online sellers. These are the same companies that big box chains and major retail stores have access to. Worldwide Brands is one of the oldest dropshipping companies. It has been in business for over twenty years now. Users can get started for a one-time payment of $249 or $299. The lifetime membership fee varies from time to time depending on offers available. While many dropshipping companies have access to reliable networks of wholesale companies, it is the supply chain of Worldwide Brands that sets it apart. The wholesale companies in the directory of this company are the very best in their supply chain.

Worldwide Brands makes it easy to find top trusted wholesalers. It is also simple to verify the certification of such wholesalers and drop shippers. Adding new wholesalers is simple. There are over nine thousand wholesalers and dropshippers with over sixteen million products for ecommerce businesses and online resellers. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They take up the responsibility of ensuring wholesalers have the claimed certification. The directory of wholesalers and dropshippers is growing along with the availability of products across categories. There is no recurring cost every year or month. The one-time upfront cost may be a little pricey for some but given the returns, it is indeed a reasonable investment.

  • Doba

Doba has almost two hundred wholesalers with more than two million products. The company has one of the simplest interfaces for users. Not every ecommerce entrepreneur or online reseller is savvy with latest technologies. Owing to the simplicity, Doba is easy and fast to use. There are sufficient contemporary features such as inventory notification and support via live chat in addition to email and phone. Doba does not have the fastest shipping times because there aren’t many dropshippers. Some products may have fewer than half a dozen wholesalers. Users can take advantage of the free trial. The full version is slightly expensive given the size of the wholesale directory and limited plethora of products.

  • Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct is one of the more affordable options. PushList technology is priced at less than $10. There is no yearly or monthly subscription or membership fee. The PushList data feed technology simplifies backend management. Products can be added automatically and the website always has the relevant inventory for the customers. Dropship Direct empowers users to customize the packaging. Specific information such as the location or other details of the wholesaler or the warehouse can be excluded.

The platform is not without its limitation. Orders must be processed manually. This can be laborious for ecommerce businesses or online resellers who are faring well. The directory of dropshippers and the number of products one can access are limited. Around a hundred wholesalers with about seventy five thousand products are available through Dropship Direct.

  • Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b offers more shipping options than most drop shipping companies. Their services are hence more relevant for online resellers that are more interested in getting access to convenient shipping. Order processing is also quite simple. There is an admin dashboard that can facilitate order placement and subsequent processes. Wholesale2b has substandard customer support. There is no email or phone support. The ticket system works but is not as efficient as the direct and immediate intervention of a support executive over phone, email or live chat. There are plenty of plans so resellers should spend some time to find the right option. Wholesale2b does not provide much assistance in analysis of sales or performance.

  • Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale companies is one of the most effective drop shipping companies if you want to integrate your inventory with those on Amazon and eBay. You can export products with descriptions and images and post them to global marketplaces. Accounts on eBay can be integrated with the Sunrise Wholesale companies profile. The platform works with BigCommerce and Shopify. There is a free trial for seven days. There is a yearly or monthly fee thereafter. Sunrise Wholesale has only seven dropshippers with around sixteen thousand products. It is one of the smaller players among drop shippers but can be relevant for eBay sellers. The restocking fee for products that are not defective but returned by customers is a hefty 20%.

  • National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers has fast shipping speeds. It can deliver goods in one to two or three days. There are around quarter of a million products in different categories. There are useful backend features. Exporting products including all relevant information to a marketplace or a website is simple enough. National Dropshippers can also help users to develop their own ecommerce website. This costs $199. There are no research and analytical tools that make National Dropshipper quite ineffective if you want to assess how well specific products are doing and wish to expand your ecommerce business. There is also a lack of real time notification and other updates you will need, such as an alert when you are low on inventory or when new products are available.

Some of the other well known wholesale drop shipping companies are Inventory Source, Megagoods and Dropship Design.

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