Find The Best & Profitable Products to Sell & Dropship Online on eBay & Amazon

Remember you can sell and dropship pretty much anything you wish in order to turn a profit. To help you off to a good start, here's a guide featuring a few ideas of possible niches/items you could look at selling. Also, discussed in the guide are the pros and cons of each one. The guide also has some suppliers listed for each featured niche - please note that this requires SaleHoo membership to access.

Another tool I suggest you check out is the SaleHoo Market Research Lab. It's a tool that's available once you've signed up as a member on SaleHoo. It is designed to help you research top selling products across all categories. For each product, a list of potential suppliers is available for you to check out as they are likely to stock the specific (or similar) product.

There are several ways you can try to help you find profitable products.

Here are a couple sure ways for you to try... 

  1. Selling stuff from around your home - This is a great way to find niche markets and hot products. There are two excellent reasons for starting out in this way: 

    * Feedback is hugely important for any eBay seller. With a feedback rating below 10, it is going to be difficult to get people to take you seriously. The first 100 sales are the hardest as buyers look for high feedback as reassurance that they can trust the seller. Generally, the higher your feedback, the better - with powerseller status being the ultimate goal. 

    * You get to sell a range of products and see what works well. The results may surprise you!Nothing beats knowledge gained from experience and selling stuff from around the home is the best way to get it without any risk. After some practice with goods from around the home, I recommend buying small wholesale lots of products that most people use on a daily basis. 

  2. Use the Market Research Lab: - SaleHoo's Market Research Lab is designed to help you find the top-selling niches across all product categories. Many of these products are sure sellers, plus they are fairly easy to get hold of.
If you're just starting out, aim for low-cost products (about $10 - $150) as they are easier to sell and are less risky. Just remember not to make the mistake that many new sellers commit - selling anything and everything that is being sold by everyone else. In fact, it is far better to target a specific market, e.g. 'back to school'. Once you've established your online business, investing in high costing products lets you control and earn higher profit margins. 

Some ideas for profitable dropshipping products: 

  • Clothing: flannel burp cloths, Levi's pants, sports jerseys, leggings
  • Kitchen: vacuum cleaners, mixers/blenders, microwaves, compact washers, freezers
  • Beauty: sunscreen, insect repellent, cosmetic & toiletry bags, men's grooming
  • Video Games: Mario Bros games, game controller, ps4 games
  • Cameras: DSLR, digital cameras, polaroids, GoPro
  • Hobbies and Interests 

One of the big reasons why people use eBay is to find unique items that they cannot find elsewhere. Before online auctions, collectors were limited by geography. The internet has enabled hundreds of communities to form around shared interests and this provides tons of niches to target. A quick browse of eBay's community groups will give you some ideas. There are groups as diverse as knitting, stay-at-home moms, business, hiking, gluten-free support group, vegans, travel, children's theatre, dieting, parenting, re-enactors, crochet, stamp collecting, pet care - the list goes on.

Remember that many of these hobbyists will also need components. For example, you may decide to sell embroidery threads, tools and patterns and how-to books; car parts; fabrics and trimmings. 

Other places to find hot items:

SaleHoo regularly post hot new markets on their Twitter stream - follow them by going to

Hope that this little guide has helped you with finding the right products to dropship!