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  • Capt Ninan Thomas - Hello boys,
    1.I am from the isc98 batch of loyola.
    2.I went through your project and it was a great read.Couldn't help but get reminded of our good ol' school's been over a decade but it still seems like yesterday!!
    3.Dare to dream like this in the future too and pursue them with  the same courage of conviction.
    4.I'd like to congratulate every loyolite of viii c and especially the editorial team for this effort. of luck for all future endeavours and god speed!

  • Sreehari.S - gr8 work guys ... keep it up .. that article on trivandrum really impressed me :)

  • Thariyan Chacko
    Hello Guys,                                                             I was in Loyola from 85 to 98.                          Just saw your magazine website. One of my friends forwarded the link to our yahoo group.
    The site looks real cool J
    Yet to read the articles, but will do that soon! Great to see you all so tech savvy….remember the time we guys dreaded compsci class in the 8th grade and opted for Economics instead ..You guys will laugh if you hear what language we were taught in comps class …BASIC !!!
    Times have changed and most of us moved on to IT eventually J                                                   Keep up the good work, and convey my regards to the teachers who guided you.
    Thariyan Chacko
    Corporate Planning
    "Emerio House" 50, Ubi Crescent #01-05
     Ubi TechPark, Singapore - 408 568

  • Sunil K Nair from 87 batch...This is really wonderful....gr8 job....
  • Girish Pillai - Good job, guys!
    Felt so happy to see the pictures of the school. I am an ex-loyolite - passed out in 1987..

  • Lisa Chacko - Hello, this is Lisa Chacko (Kenny Jacob's cousin) writing from Florida in the US. I think you have done a beautiful job with your website and show a lot of maturity in your work! I enjoyed looking at the photos of your school,...what a vibrant group! Keep it up.
  • Prakash Ninan - Nice job. Seems to be a site that was planned and well thought out. What I see transpiring here is the ability of the kids to work as a team. There is a saying that goes, “what works is teamwork”. Interesting articles as well. Keep up the good work.
  • Angela John - "The Beauty of Love" by Surya V. Anand was well written and a delight to read. Good job.
  • Shyamkrishnan R - It is nice. It can be very easily noticed that the inventor, Kenny And others have worked hard on it.
     I suppose this is the first class Website of Loyola. Really have you people brought pride to Loyola.
    You can easily surf through it. Very presentable and tidy. Alltogether a very nice work by 8C members.
    Congratulations to all who are associated with this Website.
  • Elsa Susan - Very good effort. I also want to do like this. Please give me the technical support Computer geek. Thank you for inspiring me.
  • Shikha - hey guys its grt 2 c such an effort by u al.....din go thru d articles bt in gnrl d vry thot n d way it has been xcuted z worth a praise........cheers 2 class VIII C........
  • Blesson Joseph - hey guys....
    i got this site from ur very own kenny....
    i'm a friend of his at church...
    i never knew he was this SMART!!!!
    congrats guys... nice work u've done..
    i've read the articles and stuff all are great..i'll make sure to give the link to more of my friends....
    again really GUD job guys...
    Gud job kenny and to ur friends!!!!!!!