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In her newest book, God Gave Us the World, Lisa Tawn Bergren explores the idea that although there are many kinds of bears on earth, they were all made by a loving and creative God. Mama Bear and Little Cub talk about the different kinds of bears and where they live. There's even some discussion about how we need to take care of the earth. I thought it would be a nice way to springboard into a discussion about being more green. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the books in the God Gave Us series. This book does not disappoint. It enchants and delights children of all ages. It's a perfect bedtime story. Laura J. Bryant has once again given us charming bears that delight the senses. 
This book is another one that should be on all children’s bookshelves as a keeper. It’s a classic that you will read over and over to your children. 

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