International Save Bears Day

Getting Ready For 2016

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Since 2007 I have been asking Bear Lovers to make a Donation on February 21st
of each year to help the bears around the world.
Please make a donation to your favorite organization or cause of your choice that is helping bears in anyway.

I have declared this day to be a day to give to the bears.
Just make a donation large or small to any charity for the bears.

I know all my bear friends would love to give all they could to help the bears everyday but most of us are only able to give just a small amount.
By setting aside one day a year to donate allows us to save , collect monies from work and friends and give what we can together.

Not asking for any money to be collected here.
You choose where to direct your funds.

Thanks and Bear Hugs to All,
Abel Saenz

For a list of places to donate to click on the cross.

Below are some Kudos from around the world.

Kudos from Polar Bears International

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Abel Saenz loves bears so much—all eight bear species—that he's organized a worldwide day, International Save Bears Day, on February 21st to raise awareness and call attention to the organizations working on their behalf. 

"On this day, we're asking for donations, large or small, to be made to different organizations that help bears, such as the Bornean Sun Bear Centre, Polar Bears International, and the North American Bear Center," Abel says. 

To donate to help polar bears, visit our donation page. Thank you, Abel, and to your group, Eight Bears Forever, for your support of our efforts!

Kudos from Wildlife Direct

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Siew Te Wong Says
“February 21st is International Save Bear Day”
 don't forget to mark it on your calenders it was started by a great friend of mine Abel Saenz we are just asking for small donations to be made on this day to different organizations that help bears to give you an idea Bornean Sun Bear Centre, Animals Asia, Wspa, Polar Bears International, Panda Bears International, World Wildlife funds, Wild Aid and the North American Bear Center and plenty more please help raise awareness and make 2011 a better year for the bears thank you so much!”

Kudos from Ursa Freedom Project

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Jeanette McDermott Says
Since 2007 Abel has been asking Bear Lovers
 to make a Donation on February 21st to an organization that helps bears. Please make a donation to your favorite organization 
or cause of your choice that is helping bears. 
Abel says, “By setting aside one day a year to donate 
allows us to save and give what we can together.” 
I couldn’t agree more. Let’s do it! The Donate button at UFP is designated for funds for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. If you want to donate to BSBCC for International Save Bear Days, please use the donate button here. If you want to make a donation to a different bear organization, you will need to visit individual websites to make your donation.

Dear Abel

My name is Lesley Winton and I have recently established 

The Winton Foundation for the Welfare of Bears.

 I will definitely be supporting your wonderful event

 ‘International Save Bears Day’ 

and encouraging all the Foundation’s supporters to donate or hold a fundraising activity so we can help as many bears as possible. Thank you for coming up with this wonderful idea.

Kind regards

Lesley Winton

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I am Donating to the Spirit Bears for ISBD 2015
with less then 500 these are the rarest bears in the world!

I will be donating to all bears through the 

Request for help from a great Friend
February 21st is International Save Bears Day - It's biggest goal is to promote awareness and help save bears in anyway. For International Save Bears day I would like to see some help go out to Montana Grizzly Encounter. They have 4 grizzlies that need some support! Even if its a small donation, please help in any way you can.
The best place to do that is on the paypal donate button!!

Below is a photo from one of my friends that put on the most amazing International Save Bears Day events ever. 
With t-shirts for sale and the huge posters ,music and banners he made me believe in all of you that we can all do the same no matter where you live. 
What a great job you did my friend!
You are a true Friend
Gigih Wahyudi

Until 2016 with Love
Lets rock 2016!!!


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