Who Is Helping Bears Today?

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Helping Bears Today
 1. American Black Bear including the Kermode aka      Spirt Bear


  Black Bear Conservation Center

  Rain Coast. org

  Bear With Us.org


2. Asiatic Black Bear also known as Moonbears

  Animals Asia


3. Brown Bear also known as Grizzly Bears and Kodiak Bears

 Vital Ground

 Pacific Wild



4. Giant Panda

  Pandas International 

  World Wild Fund - Panda


5. Polar Bear

  Polar Bears International


  WWF - Polar Bears


6. Spectacled Bear also know as Andean Bears 

Andean Bear.org


7. Sloth Bear

Wildlife SOS


8 .Sun Bear also know as Honey Bears

  Wildlife Direct



If I left anybody out Please email me at 8Bearsforever@gmail.com