A Bit About Me

First I would love to say thank you for visiting my site.
I have put my heart and soul into this.


Bears are my Passion

For over twenty years I have been working on websites 
and other projects to help the bears.
It all started with the Internet and my first email account on AOL
My screen name was MrBear1964

One day while searching the web for an icon for my screen name 
I came across some just terrible photos of bears in these tiny cages of living hell.  For decades  these Bears are not able to walk 
or stand in them but to only grow into a undersized cages 
and kept alive for the soul purpose of draining their bile from them .

I could see the pain in their eyes and the tears running down their faces. 
These Bears were starved to near death because
 they produce more stomach bile while kept on a starvation diet. 
Sickened by what I saw I knew at that point 
I had to make the world know what was happening out there.


I did my research online and through books about these bears and others that were being used to fight dogs in arenas (called Bear Baiting) after having their claws and teeth removed in savage ways for the pleasure of the crowds of sick people.

I learned of bear cubs taken from their mothers to be used on street shows 
as performers to dance for the tourist as entertainment. 
I learned that these poor cubs were taken and had hot pokers shoved through their snouts burning and tearing flesh with nothing to relieve the pain. 
Then rope is passed though the hole connected to a stick to make the bear dance when ever the stick is raised. 
The bear does not dance because he is happy 
he only reacts to the pain in his snout.

Thousands of bears around the world even here in the states 
are poached and killed for their gall bladders that are sold on the black market.

Bears are hunted as trophies for wall and rugs.

Bears are killed in traps and hunted for their paws that are used in soups in Asia.

Over 10,000 Bears are in Bear Farms Kept in these hellish cages.

Help Me !
Help Bears with Your Voice
Be their Voice

Maybe not all of you love Bears like I do but I have the passion to Help these bears that so desperately needs Your Voice.
Their are so many people that do not know what 
is happening out there to these bears around the world. 
I am here to make everyone I come in contact with 
aware of the pain and misery that so many bears are suffering. 
I need you to join me in my Army of voices for the bears.

Will you join me in my quest to help bears?

Please note that I am not out in the field or forest helping bears.
I have not studied bears at school.
I am just one Person that gives his spare time 
to the bears by creating awareness world wide.
I have created facebook groups for the bears in many countries around the world.
I started and run International Save Bears Day on February 21st of each year.
I have opened an online stores to raise money for the bears.

 I have so many ideas and hope you will share your ideas with me. 

I hope to not only share my page with you but to become friends with you.

My name is Abel
Friends call me Bear

8 Bears Forever for Life!!!

Bears Should be Free and Wild

I grew up by the John Ball Zoo
Just less then a mile from my home I would say I grew up at the zoo. I used to walk there all the time either by myself or with friends. I loved that place! 
I remember them having Polar Bears In the 60's and 70's and Black Bears in the 80's Then the Grizzly Bear and Kodiak Bears they have today. I was told we had Asian Black Bears but I do not remember them. I have been asking for info on the history of the zoo and today I got this. Check it out!


Growing up loving Bears
As far back as I can remember I have had a passion for Bears. With the zoo within walking distance I loved going to see the bears. I could spend all day there just waiting for them to wake up and play in the water or walk about the enclosure. Just loved that but those were not the only Bears in my life. 

Dad started me hunting with him when I was about 8 years old. We would drive for 10 hours or more into Ontario Canada to go Moose hunting. At night when we were not in the woods dad would drive to the local dumps to Shine Bears. There would always be a few bears foraging through the trash looking for scraps to eat. It was so cool as an 8 year old to be so close to wild bears. 

Years later we took a 30 day drive to Alaska to see the wildlife up there. Driving through Banff National Park we saw about ten cars pulled over to the side of the road. Thinking someone hit something or there was an accident we pulled over to see what was going on. I was 12 years old. I got right out of the car and immediately saw a large black bear by the first car. He saw me as well. I don't know why but he stood right up on his hind legs and looked at me. Other people were out of their cars but he wanted to visit me. Dad made me get right in the car. The bear dropped to all fours and  walked right to our car and to my window. I was elated to be so close to a large wild bear !!  He licked my window and searched for a way to get in. Dad did not want any damage to our brand new Buick wagon so we left when the bear started playing with the window wipers.  Oh how fun that was.
We did see grizzly bears in Alaska but they were way off in the distance.

Then in High School the young lady I was dating father worked for the Zoo. He let me hold a young black bear cub but told me to be careful. He said that little bear could scratch the hell out of me. All I could think was " wouldn't those be the coolest scars ever?" I wish I had pictures from that day! 
Was one of the best days of my life!