Welcome to 8 Bears Forever - We are the Voice For All Bears

8 Bears Forever is the Voice for Bears around the world! 
Here we hope to teach everyone about bears worldwide. 
We do not work in the field with the bears 
but some of our members do.
 We are just a Voice to advocate for the Bears.
 We will help guide you as to where to find help 
in your area of interest of bear species.
 6 out of the 8 species of bears are at risk of endangerment. 

Please join us to help create an army of voices for the bears.

Two very important videos I would like you to see.
Please watch and you will understand why I started 8 Bears Forever.
The first is called Would you Believe Me..........
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The second is a song called The First Time......

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Welcome to 8 Bears Forever

My Goal is to save the 8 Bear Species of the World

8 Bears Forever is here only as a Concierge 
to help you find a way to Help the Bears.
I wish I could do more and in time I know we will.

Most of our activity can be found on Facebook
with groups in the UK ,Germany, Australia,
 South America,
Africa ,Asia 
the United States
And Friends from around the world!

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Main issues For Todays Bears

Bears around the world need your help!

Bear Farming Needs to be stopped and 
Bears placed in the bear sanctuaries to heal.

Bear Hunting for trophy must be stopped!

Bear Poaching must carry higher penalties.

The Worldwide Black Market for 
bear parts must be shut down!

Bear Dancing must end.

Bear Fighting (Bear Baiting) must stop at once!

We must protect The great Bear Rain forest!

This and so many more causes
 for the Bears must be addressed!

We need your help! 

The 8 Bears Forever Creed

I may be just One Man
but I will do All I can to
protect my Brother the Bear.
Where Evil seeks the Bear
I will Make The World Aware
of their Pain!    

-Abel Saenz


Click the photo above for our 
new Ursa Magazine Online website!

My original website.
Save Bears Now
Site is from 2007 many photos and links are no longer working!

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