Chapter 4 : Books Out There

Welcome to Books Out There! Here are some of the brilliant self-published works I've come across - all proof that the self-publishing arena contains top quality, professionally crafted books - and damn good reads to boot! If you have a self-published book that you want to shout about, just email and include the title, author, website address, short blurb and an image of the cover (minimum of about 300 pixels wide). We'll list your book as soon as possible. Put a link to on your website and you're done! (We reserve the right not to list books or to remove books at any time).

Glaze by Kim Curran
Kim Curran
Available in Paperback and Kindle e-book

PETRI QUINN is counting down the days till she turns 16 and can get on GLAZE – the ultimate social network accessed via a chip in the brain that is bringing the whole world together into one global family. But when a peaceful protest against the government turns into a full-blown riot with Petri shouldering the blame, she’s handed a five-year ban and thinks her life is over before it’s even started.

Desperate to be a part of the hooked-up society, Petri finds an underground hacker group and gets a black market chip fitted. But this chip has a problem: it has no filter and no off switch. Petri can see everything happening on GLAZE, all the time. The crushing flow of random information swamps her senses, pushing her towards madness. Until she starts to see patterns beneath the noise and chaos. She starts to see how the network, and the man behind it, are changing people. Controlling them.
Petri is faced with a choice. Join GLAZE… or destroy it.

“In Glaze, Petri is a strong heroine, desperate to be part of the hooked-up society, only to discover that it’s not the paradise promised – quite the opposite, in fact. Glaze is reminiscent of authors like Scott Westerfeld, yet Curran has a voice all her own, and she’s one of the strongest YA writers in science fiction today.”
 - Laura Lam, author of Pantomime & Shadowplay.

The Lost Dark
Andy Rigley
Available in Paperback, Kindle and various e-book formats

Adopting the shadow of a dead girl seems quite exciting to Jake. But he soon learns that he's not the only one with a second shadow. His boring and ordinary days become filled with strange characters, murder, torture, and deceit as he struggles to keep hold of his little girl, and ultimately stay alive. Some people will do anything to adopt a second shadow. Others will do more to get them back.

The Infinity Bridge
Ross Kitson
Available in Paperback and Kindle e-book

Sam: likes loud music, wears black eye-liner... and sees monsters.
Nick: wears Che Guevara knit-wear, big specs, loves sci-fi... and designs computer viruses.
Annie: dresses like a Sunday evening period drama, lives with her granddad... and fights like a ninja.

When Sam helps out the mysterious Annie, he and his cousin, Nick, are drawn into a world of excitement and danger. Terrifying androids roam the streets of York seeking the awesome power of the Infinity Bridge, a device that could signal the end of our world as we know it. All who stand in their way are being eliminated.

The three teenagers are propelled into an action-packed race against time, involving alternate realities, airships, clockwork killers.... and Merlin.

Sometimes the monsters are real....

The Miracle
Adam Watts
Available in Paperback and Kindle e-book

Something is happening to David. Something so miraculous it promises to blast every cynic straight to hell. But David hasn't always been the most virtuous of souls and he starts to suspect that 'The Miracle' is not quite the blessing that he had hoped for, but rather a terrible penance for his sins... because his teeth falling out is just the start of his problems.
Just remember, no matter what happens, breathe and keep repeating...
It's just a miracle...
It's just a miracle...
It's just a miracle...

Darkness Rising
Ross M Kitson
Available in Paperback and Kindle e-book

Wild magic comes at a cost... that of the mind. Emelia dreams of escape from her life of servitude. She dreams of magical powers; she dreams of dark things. When tragedy awakens the sorcery within her she embarks upon an epic journey in the company of two charming thieves. In the Dead City an ancient evil awakens. The Lord of the Ghasts covets a magical Prism, the clues to which lie with Emelia. And when he begins to share her dreams, surely it is only a matter of time until she succumbs to his power? Darkness Rising Book One - Chained is the first book in an exciting new epic fantasy series combining traditional heroic fantasy plotlines with modern dialogue and thrilling characters. Book One is the first half of Prism Volume 1, previously available as a single volume and now presented in two books with additional material and sample bonus chapters. Book Two: Quest is out now!

Mr. Bloody Sunshine
Adam Watts
Available in Paperback and Kindle e-book

Dean's life is full of mediocre problems. He's either the unfortunate victim of fate's cruel games, or he's simply his own worst enemy. It doesn't really matter which. He's too busy skulking around in the shadow of night with a blade in his hand to even care. Was there ever better way to solve a problem?

Mr. Bloody Sunshine is the debut novel of new Notts talent, Adam Watts and is currently available via his website.

The Awakening Soul
Steve Pape
Available in Paperback

The debut poetry book,"The Awakening Soul" from Steven Michael Pape combines gothic style writings and others concerning the human spirit and soul, and also nature depicted poems.
Steve cites his favourite poets as James Douglas Morrison,Sylvia Plath,Allen Ginsberg and T.S Elliot.
A small slim volume containing 20 poems, 26 pages, 5x8 inches.
Availiable to preview and order now from
Or alternatively if you wish to save shipping costs e-mail me at and i will post book to you with free postage,after receipt of postal order/cheque/paypal.
Currently working on a new collection of poems due out april/march.
Been writing for ten years and had various poems in anthologies.