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The Assassin's Wedding

Paperback : £7.99

Read for Free : 1st five chapters

Pages : 284

Edition : 1st Ed., 3rd reprint

Content : Some adult content

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On the Back...

 I think about the fact I'm getting married in a week's time.

Then I think that when your intended thinks you met at a party but you actually met at the scene of an assassination you were carrying out, it kind of makes a mockery of the concept of an honest relationship.

About the Book

This is the story of the week leading up to Michael Shepard's wedding. Like most men, he's nervous. Unlike most men, he's nervous because his bride to be doesn't know he's a globe-trotting assassin. Torn apart trying to decide exactly how to come clean about the fact he kills a person roughly every other month, his week is made more complicated by a missing person, a moving target, a slightly drunk private-eye, ghosts from his past...oh, and wedding shopping.

This pacy, darkly humourous thriller scrambles its way from Manhattan to Nottingham to Bangkok to 1980's New York and even 1970's Scarborough and leaves Mike wondering if an assassin can ever have a happily ever after.

Sometimes, it's about love. Sometimes, it's about flowers. Sometimes, it's just about surviving the happiest day of your life...


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Praise & Comments

“…delightfully cynical humour and skillfully woven plot twists make for a thoroughly entertaining read.”  - Left Lion Magazine

“There’s a balance here that I’ve seldom seen in other works [on authonomy] – cynicism, humour, satire...they’re all here...” – Jack Ramsey (Brogan’s Crossing), Authonomy.com

“This is outstanding... almost Chandleresque... This is playing with reality in a way only the very best novelists can actually get away with.” – Bren Verill (The Weird Problem of Good), Authonomy.com

“This is effing fantastic.” – Kim Curran (The Border Lord), Authonomy.com

“Brilliant, just bloody brilliant. I've not laughed so much with a book for ages!!!” - Sarah, Facebook Fan

“Well, you know how it is – you think you’ll just have a quick look at the first few pages … and the next thing I knew I had finished the first 13 chapters and it was very late at night!!” - Sue, Facebook Fan

“A WORD OF WARNING: This book is an addictive page turner so be prepared to not talk to your lover, partner, children or pretty much do anything else until you've finished reading...” - Maxine, Facebook Fan

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! When's the movie deal?! - Ken, Facebook Fan

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