Top Makeup Schools

top makeup schools
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Vintage Wooden Bakelite Makeup Cosmetic Stage Box Faux Reptile Red Cedar Stage Door Right
Vintage Wooden Bakelite Makeup Cosmetic Stage Box Faux Reptile Red Cedar Stage Door Right
Wonderful vintage 1940's era wooden Makeup/cosmetic traveling case covered in a reptile red cedar colored paper. Case measures 12" L X 8 12' W X 4 3/4" H. Features a clear bakelite/plastic handle on the front with a locking mechanism (sorry no key). Wooden frame is covered in a paper embossing that mimics reptile skin. Inside features a mirror on the top lid. Mirror has no cracks, or chips, but does have silvering issue.Interior of box is lined with paper embossing also to mimic the underside of a crocodile/alligator. Construction is solid all joints firm and holding. Interior and exterior has small issues with loss of paper. Hardware is all in working order. I imagine this case as being used by a performer on stage. I'd like to think it was used by a glamorous, stacked beauty when she was getting dressed for her burlesque show. But hey that's just me, I love burlesque. So when you need to put your stage face on, grab this box and head for the back stage door. If the mirror is an issue, please convo me and for an additional 12.00 I can have it replaced with a new one.
I C H I T E R U: Hanakanzashi
I C H I T E R U: Hanakanzashi
Ichiteru was fascinated by the maiko she saw when she visited Kyoto in March as a first-year senior high school student .Though she longed to become maiko, she was intimidated by the training which she had heard was especially hard. Ichimame's blog encouraged her to try. "(Thanks to the blog,) I felt that the maiko world was more attainable," Ichiteru said. Ichiteru debuted last October, and is now in her first year of service in Kamishichiken, Kyoto's oldest hanamachi (flower town, where geiko live and entertain). She is 15 years old.

top makeup schools