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Picture Of Eye Makeup

picture of eye makeup
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Natural Makeup for Dirty Blond W/ Green Eyes 3347
Natural Makeup for Dirty Blond W/ Green Eyes 3347
I did her hair color and her makeup for this shoot. This is my most viewed photograph. I have found it multiple times on Chinese websites for hair extensions. Which I only found in my search for a more direct supplier, for my own hair extension business. I was shocked to find this picture circulating as an advertisement for an actual product. Ironically the model does not even have extensions. It is too bad China doesn't uphold infringement laws like we do here in the United States. Makes the whole process messy. *If any companies want pictures of hair extensions to use and are not willing to pay, simply send me your products for free and I will gladly send licensed photos of your actual product used on a model, that you are free to use for advertising, or however you wish. That is more than fair. Please do not use(STEAL) my intellectual property without consent, or your company is liable for a lawsuit.
44//365 10/12/11 I don't always like to post pictures of myself, but here you go. I love to do make-up and went with an extreme yellow and orange. Plus the OPI Shatter is pretty awesome!

picture of eye makeup