Fibers Expanded at LUKE & ELOY GALLERY

From Oranje Blog

Norman Sherfield (Eureka, California)
“Sticks and Stones”, “Beacon”
Knotted Waxed Lines Sculptures
13 x 4 inches (Sticks and Stones)
11.5 x 5 inches (Beacon)

These pieces by Norman Sherfield were so appealing. The structure of the dolls is reinforced with stones and twigs. Obviously, a lot of thought were put into these works. The coiled basket technique is a simple one, but so well executed in this work.  An amazing integration of technique and concept.

Fibers Expanded is opening this Saturday and will run through June 6. Luke & Eloy is a terrific gallery, fast becoming one of my favorite places to view new works in Pittsburgh.

Fibers Expanded
Expanding the possibilities of fiber as an expressive, artistic medium using a wide range of traditional and modern techniques.
May 2, 2009 – June 6, 2009
Opening reception | May 2
5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Participating Artists:
- Cheryl Eve Acosta
- Atticus Adams
- Alissa Alfonso
- Eileen Doughty
- Ashley Ernest
- Alison Gates
- Beverly Hertler
- Sarah Holden
- Suki Kwon
- Amy Long
- Sharon McCartney
- Carol Milne
- Jennifer Moss
- Matt Nelson
- Masako Onodera
- Ceres Rangos
- Norman Sherfield
- Islay Taylor