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Cheap Twilight T Shirts

cheap twilight t shirts
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- Twilight The Movie Lamb Lion Broken Heart Necklace
-   Twilight The Movie Lamb Lion Broken Heart Necklace
Officially licensed, Twilight Lion & Lamb "Broken Heart" magnetic heart necklace. It features 2 separate necklaces that are each half of a heart. One half says, "And so the Lion Fell" and the other half says, "In Love with the Lamb." Each necklace has a charm; one of a lion and one of a lamb. Each half is magnetic so the two will stick together to form a whole heart. The back of each half of a heart has "twilight" engraved into it. This is licensed by Summit Entertainment for Twilight. Together both hearts measures approx. 1.25" x 1.5".

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UOS Japan illustration by kozyndan
UOS Japan illustration by kozyndan
JAPANAMANIA This November we brought “UP OUR SLEEVE: the dublab covers project” to Tokyo and Kyoto. What a surreal excursion. Japan is far out. Tokyo is a megalopolis buzzing at the seams with inertia. No space is unoccupied for long. Human traffic flash floods every intersection. Great masses swirl in their busy courses weaving like bees bathed in neon. The constant bellows and barks of Parisians or New Yorkers are absent. The people of Tokyo move quietly. It is their buildings that do the talking. Giant video screens crown towers. Their flashes and screeches rapidly boast of the latest techno-gizmo as spazz-out techno breaks scatter across the block. It’s easy to experience vertigo from the ground here. Tokyo is compact and chaotic. Stores and restaurants are hidden deep within glass and steel exteriors. Want those boots? Take the elevator to the 16th floor, turn left, right, and try them on. This is an altogether different land. If you don’t speak Japanese, voices splash your ears in chattering waves and Kanji phrases flutter like indecipherable butterflies into your mind. Give into the tide and you’ll fall in love. Or, get out and find piece of mind. Kyoto is like Tokyo after deep breaths and bubble baths. It is an ancient city of mountainside temples and aromatic, alleyway shrines. Kyoto greeted our crew hugged by flaming autumn trees and sparkling streams. The city drifts on pleasant vibes. The pace is slow, the people warm. Kyoto and Tokyo have the exact same letters in their names. Is this coincidence or a sign of deeper power at work? You make the call. Meanwhile enjoy this article about Japan. Following are some random observations from an awestruck outsider. ???!!!JAPAN!!!??? CUTIES – Japanese girls are like beautiful bubblegum strolling the streets in leg warmers. All you can do to keep from chomping them up is fill your mouth with rice balls. (The wasabi and salmon variety are quite tasty.) Ladies don’t fret. This is not a place for one-sided gender shock. Everyone in Japan dresses fresh. They have ingrained fashion sense set on the future. My “relaxed” fashion sense looked slummy beside them. If I tied my shoes tight and smoothed my shirt on my next step I was sure to encounter a hip kid sans laces, sporting a giant wrinkled poncho and alligator mask. Damn it, they can pull off formal dress with a paper bag and string. YUM – Food is cheap. It’s not dirt-cheap but who wants to eat dirt? You can score a tasty, filling lunch for $5. Dollar sushi spots are hot. If you are a vegetarian or avoid certain edible elements beware. If you’re a ten year old be even more aware. You’ll swear an extra from “Aliens” landed on your plate. If you’re an open minded eater chomp away cheerily. Octopus balls are a crispy culinary highlight. (Warning: there are no burritos in Tokyo). INSERT COINS – Japan has the world’s most vending machines per capita. Around every corner these mechanical do-gooders give all night access your cravings. Whether that is underwear, beer, smokes, or chowder you’re in luck. The hot milk tea and hot apple tea will fill your life with love. They are always the perfect, tasty temperature. You’ll never encounter an empty machine or the magic elves that maintain them. TRASH BAN – You’ll have more luck spotting a clan of bikini-clad daredevil armadillos than a trashcan in Tokyo. Most public refuse receptacles were removed after the serin gas attack by brainwashed cultists. Word is they stuffed ruthless wares in rubbish bins. At least the Japanese war on terrorism is reasonable. However, at any given moment I carried a pound of trash stuffed in my pockets. How does the place remain so sparkling clean? Refer to the magic elves above. WONKA GONE WRONG – There is a very freaky trend in Japan. Some girls seemingly want to be reborn as Jamaicans. Walk in a mall and you’ll see ladies in “island attire” with bright orange skin and bleached perms. They look like bling bling Oompa Loompas. I’m not one to judge but if I did the score would be: CREEPY. ROMPER ROOM – Traditional Japanese homes and restaurants cover their floors in woven Tatami mats. Before entering, slip off your shoes and ease into the comfortable world of straw. It’s fun to sit down for a meal and know at any moment you could reenact the famous underwear and socks slip’n’slide scene from “Risky Business.” If they question your undie undulations just reply, “I’m a baby Sumo!” Head to the powder room and you’ll find sandals awaiting your naked foot. It’s all quite liberating. SHOP TIL YOU POP I once heard that 80% of the world’s vinyl eventually ends up in Japan. Their record buying culture is intense. In some shops album prices hover between $200 and $500. If you want to pay your rent and still score some cuts here are a few suggestions. ONSA RECORDS - This small, cozy spot in Shimokitazawa is an ultra-focused record boutique. It’s stocked with t
"I lose track of time, so I might be past my prime, but I'm feeling oh, so good."
"I lose track of time, so I might be past my prime, but I'm feeling oh, so good."
- OneRepublic 2000 PHOTOSTREAM VIEWS YAY! :) I know, it's not that much, but I'm getting there.. Lol.. boxcar children ;D this was taken in Maine with a video camera, so it's kindof a weird quality. We were just chilling in the cabin when we heard a loud boom, and our inner children perked up and thought the train had derailed itself. So we ran up there and the train was stopped dead on the tracks. The conductor came walking from the front, asking if he'd lost half his train. He was a grumpy old man lol. Then these kids shown here started climbing all over it and throwing rocks into it and such. Twas quite hilarious. Oh, and I was tagged! Twice! So I guess I'll try and do 20 facts? Oh jeez.. 1. I love music, and 98% of my brain is song lyrics. 2. It's hard to think with so much song lyrics going through my head. 3. My mom shattered the screen on my ipod, but I think it looks cool. :) 4. I like making bracelets, and I've gotten into making the really complicated ones, and they're just getting worse. 5. I hated middle school. High school pwns, even with all the drama. 6. There's poison ivy on my ankles. So someday when I exterminate every mosquito on Earth, I'm taking poison ivy with them. XP 7. I like wearing rings, but my skin is allergic to them if they're cheap metals. It leaves the skin under the ring blue. :D 8. I saw every Twilight movie at it's midnight premiere, with a homemade T Shirt and a best friend(s). 9. I hate it when someone is wearing the same dress as me at homecoming. I shop for that in the petite section instead. 10. I don't plan on going to prom, but I think my mom is going to force me to go. 11. Three of my walls are covered, c o v e r e d, in Twilight stuff, from magazines and such. It's really not an obsession. It's a form of self expression. :) Though I do enjoy the saga. 12. My mom thinks I'm obsessed, so she bought me an action figure from New Moon. ... yeah. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. 13. I hate being a hostess. It's the worst. I'd rather party at other people's houses. :P 14. I actually practiced my flute today. 15. There is a pair of women's XXXL lacy underwear, tie dyed, tacked to my wall. Blame my bestfriend. :) 16. My bird likes to eat everything. No, really. A chunk of my closet door is missing. 17. Zombieland is hilarious because it's so freaking STUPID! XD lmfao.. oh man. XD 18. There's a hand painted chinese (i think its chinese anyway) purple gourd hanging from the lights on my ceiling fan. Again, blame my bestfriend. :) 19. I'm not that into cars, but I have a model of a Chrysler Crossfire on my dresser. Just because it's cool. ;) 20. I've always wanted a motorcycle, because they're pretty badass. XD 21. I'm deathly afraid of heights, but I love flying, and I think it'd be cool to learn to fly a plane someday. Maybe even have one. :) 22. I have no life. ;) Hope everyone's summer is going uberfantastical! :)

cheap twilight t shirts
cheap twilight t shirts
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume - One Color - Small
This Kids Clawdeen Wolf Costume will let your little Monster High fan get her fashionista on! She'll look just like her favorite character with this Halloween costume that includes a jacket with attached pink zebra-print shirt, just like the one worn by Clawdeen Wolf, a purple skirt, and a matching belt and choker necklace set. This Monster High costume looks scarily good when paired with the Clawdeen Wolf wig, available separately. She'll be dressed to distress! These Monster High Costumes are great group costumes too!