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Pictures Of Eighties Fashion

pictures of eighties fashion
    eighties fashion
  • While in the 1970s, the silhouette of fashion tended to be characterized by close fitting clothes on top with wider, looser clothes on the bottom, this trend completely reversed itself in the early 1980s as both men and women began to wear looser shirts and tight, close-fitting pants.
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Royal City - At the Playground
Royal City - At the Playground
It's all about the Converses! When you shoot with a test roll for a new (old) camera, you're caught between a hard choice. Load inexpensive but charming, grainy film, like Kodak Gold 200 and end up with pictures you really love on less than hi-def film. Or, blow an entire roll of expensive film on a camera with light leaks, faulty shutters and other faults. On this day, I was testing a pawn-shop Konica Autoreflex T3 with its Hexar 28mm. The mirror had a v-shape crack. A metal plate flange which helped seal light between the pentaprism and the mirror in the up position was bent and prevented the mirror from swinging all the way. I imagine someone attempted to shove a non-AR lens into the rig. With some pliers I bent the plate back into a semblance of flatness. And this time I loaded the Gold 200 ASA. With only 12 exposures it was perfect for testing a suspect camera. At the park, I came across the group of teens. It was only mid-morning and they looked like they were out for the night. I had to take their photo. To me they represented coolness, youth, and a degree of aimless insouciance. Of course, I had to stop them. To overcome the film's limitations, I decided to tile the image with three exposures as a way to triple the resolution of the photo. As you can see, the grain remains. But tiling is not a bad solution.
Paolo Lüers
Paolo Lüers
Periodista aleman con 30 anos de residir en El Salvador. Ha sido corresponsal de guerra y durante los ochenta formo parte del equipo de Radio Venceremos. Documentalista y fotografo, estuvo al frente de la administracion del periodico semanal Primera Plana, entre 1994 y 1995. Fue columnista de periodico digital El Faro y actualmente es columnista de El Diario de Hoy. Asimismo, es editor del blog Siguiente Pagina. Propietaro del Bar -Restaurante y Cafe Bohemio "La Ventana" EN German journalist with 30 years of living in El Salvador. It has been a war correspondent during the eighties and part of the team of Radio Venceremos in El Salvador Gerrilla. Documentary filmmaker and photographer, was in charge of the administration of the weekly newspaper Primera Plana, between 1994 and 1995. It was digital newspaper columnist El Faro and now is a columnist for El Diario de Hoy. He is also editor of the blog Next Page. Owner of Bar-Restaurant and Cafe Bohemia "The Window" Estaba en Domingueando, una evento organizado por los empresarios de la zona de La escalon, en beneficio de la comunidades aledanas a la zona. Colonia Escalon, San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador. © Todos los derechos reservados © All rights reserved

pictures of eighties fashion
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