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polly pocket fashion games
    polly pocket
  • Polly Pocket is a 1990s toy line of miniature dolls and accessories. The name comes from the fact that many of the original Polly Pocket dolls came in pocket-size cases. The current Fashion Polly dolls sold by Mattel differ significantly from those originally sold by Bluebird Toys.
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polly pocket fashion games - Polly Pocket
Polly Pocket Adventure Jet
Polly Pocket Adventure Jet
POLLY POCKET ADVENTURE JET: Polly is on a first-class flight in her Adventure Jet! This large, two-story plane comes with travel and action-themed piece count for Polly doll and her friends! The hot tub has a real working faucet that reveals color change to Polly doll's outfit. Polly can launch off the plane using the sky diving launcher, or once landed, she can jet out the back ramp on her scooter where she's off to her next adventure. Includes playset, 1 doll and travel-themed piece-count. For ages 4 and over.

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Silly Games
Silly Games
LPS Blythe sports fashion from Polly Pocket. (Note to self: Must find time to sew again.)
polly pocket house
polly pocket house
year 2000 polly pocket house lights up dolls move and a dog spins on a pan!!

polly pocket fashion games
polly pocket fashion games
Polly Pocket Ice Cream Water Park Playset
Polly Pocket Ice Cream Water Park Playset. Polly has the sweetest water park around with this candy-inspired water playset. Perch Polly at the top of the sundae seat, and with a few shots from the slushier shooter, the dunk tank is triggered and Polly drops into the pool for a real sundae splash. Polly doll's hair also features a cool color-change that turns from bright candy blue to a vibrant pink. Then Polly can slide down into the main pool to meet up with Oinker, who's ready for some action of his own. This Cutant launches from the diving board to land in the lollipop seat. Playset has loads of fun areas and includes two pools, a diving board, a candy swing, the dunk tank, a slide, color-change and lots of piece-count. And don't forget the slushier shooter that girls can use not only to dunk Polly but maybe even to splash some of their friends. Includes 1 doll, 1 Cutant, playset and accessories and piece-count. This set adds the sweet style of dessert to the wet and wild fun of a day at the pool. The size of Polly Pocket toys lets kids pack lots of imaginative play into a small space.

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