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Korean Fashion Girls

korean fashion girls
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korean fashion girls - Children s
Children s Factory CF100-442KG Pose and Play Korean Girl
Children s Factory CF100-442KG Pose and Play Korean Girl
The Children's Factory was born in the attic of Mike and Barbara Richter in Kirkwood, MO in early 1982. Their vision was to create soft play environments in which children could safely play. The first product was a basic 3D animal shape sized perfect for a child. From here other products developed and soon the company was growing at a fast rate. Today the company employs over 100 people in a warehouse facility that encompasses over 100000 square feet. Soft safe creative play is our passion. Our products are designed towards ASTM standards and our materials pass or exceed the CPSIA requirements Flexible dolls. Choking Hazard: Small parts for children under 3 years. Height: 5.5.

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korean girl :)
korean girl :)
a korean girl with cute Blue ribbon.. :) Credits to:www.nakaharasunako-4699.tumblr.com From:www.sisizzle.tumblr.com Thanks! :)

korean fashion girls
korean fashion girls
Cadeau White - Cubitas Picabia Collection (Hand-set Swarovski Crystals, Ponytail Jewelry)
Ponytail Panache!

Put a little ooh la la lovely into your next pulled back hairdo with our Cadeau White hair accessory, a glittering focal point that pairs practical with a full circle of sparkling style. The perfect barrette for the city girl who is on the go around town. An open circle trimmed with approximately 100 diamond-like crystals creates the illusion of passing through the black striped white base.

Silky black satin covers a sturdy hair elastic that twists around hair with care and comfort.

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