Spanish club t shirt ideas. Detroit red wings t shirt.

Spanish Club T Shirt Ideas

spanish club t shirt ideas
    t shirt
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  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.
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  • The Romance language of most of Spain and of much of Central and South America and several other countries
  • the Romance language spoken in most of Spain and the countries colonized by Spain
  • The White-Faced Black Spanish is a Spanish breed of chicken. They are thought to be the oldest breed of fowl in the Mediterranean class. The British have records dating back to 1572 referring to this chicken. This breed was admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1874.
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The Breakfast Club (High School Reunion Collection)
The Breakfast Club (High School Reunion Collection)
A wrestler a rebel a brain a beauty and a shy girl share detention in a chicago high school. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 09/01/2009 Starring: Judd Nelson Anthony Michael Hall Run time: 97 minutes Rating: R Director: John Hughes

John Hughes's popular 1985 teen drama finds a diverse group of high school students--a jock (Emilio Estevez), a metalhead (Judd Nelson), a weirdo (Ally Sheedy), a princess (Molly Ringwald), and a nerd (Anthony Michael Hall)--sharing a Saturday in detention at their high school for one minor infraction or another. Over the course of a day, they talk through the social barriers that ordinarily keep them apart, and new alliances are born, though not without a lot of pain first. Hughes (Sixteen Candles), who wrote and directed, is heavy on dialogue but he also thoughtfully refreshes the look of the film every few minutes with different settings and original viewpoints on action. The movie deals with such fundamentals as the human tendency toward bias and hurting the weak, and because the characters are caught somewhere between childhood and adulthood, it's easy to get emotionally involved in hope for their redemption. Preteen and teenage kids love this film, incidentally. --Tom Keogh

84% (15)
Benny Hill
Benny Hill
Benny Hill, who has died aged 67, was not merely Britain's, but the world's most popular comedian - the star of television shows which were screened in more than 100 countries and achieved audiences that even Charlie Chaplin never matched. In America, where Tony Hancock and Morecambe and Wise made little impression, Benny Hill was a success from the moment in 1976 when Thames Television put out his programmes in New York. The secret of his appeal across the Atlantic, he reckoned, was that he made no special effort to appeal to Americans. By 1985 not a single day would pass without The Benny Hill Show being screened somewhere in America, and many stations would broadcast the programme twice a night. At San Jose penitentiary the prisoners threatened mayhem unless they were allowed to watch him. Hill's American earnings in the mid-1980s amounted to dollars 5 million a year, and he was just as popular in Europe, especially in France and Italy. Indeed, his fans mutiplied in countries as disparate as Cuba, Israel, China and Japan. The Russians pointed their television aerials towards Finland to pick up his show - until, under the dispensations of glasnost, they were allowed to receive the programme on their own network. This worldwide response might suggest that Benny Hill's humour was essentially visual. And it was true, as he himself observed, that "I can get my face slapped in six different languages". Yet his stock-in-trade was the lubricious double entendre, and his mind was concentrated upon the essentially British obsession with knickers, bosoms and bottoms, and with the faithless wives and feeble husbands to whom these impedimenta belonged. It was the world that Donald McGill had created in his seaside postcards. Inevitably the formula aroused the hostility of the sexually correct. But the whole point about Benny Hill was that, even as he was chased all over the set by erotically dressed and nubile girls - "Hill's Angels" as they were known - he contrived by his very ridiculousness to strip lust of its fury and menace. "King Leer", accoutred in his baggy football shorts, was more of a soiled cherub than a sexual demon, a promoter of pranks rather than a purveyor of evil. The impression was reinforced by the round schoolboy's face, by the good-humoured twinkle in the eye, by the sly and collusive smirk, and by a voice which combined outrageous innuendo with yokel idiocy. Hill would point out, a trifle disingenuously perhaps, that it was the men who came off worst in his sketches, as in real life. They appeared as complete idiots. By comparison, the girls retained their dignity. Nevertheless, in 1986 Ben Elton took the trouble to inform the world that he could see nothing funny in a little old man running after girls. Hill, who always insisted that he was chased (if not chaste), ignored this offering. The truth was that his undeniable predilection for smut obscured his considerable comic range. Only when Hal Roach - a former producer of Laurel and Hardy, who had described Hill as the only modern comedian to rival the greats of the past - expressed concern about his salaciousness did Hill make some attempt to clean up his act - cutting down both the number of dancing girls and the depth of their cleavage. All to no avail. In 1988 the Broadcasting Standards Council denounced the shows as "increasingly offensive", and the next year the head of light entertainment at Thames Television cancelled Hill's contract. But Hill did not mean to give up his show after a mere 34 years. Describing the decision as a blessing in disguise - "one gets complacent" - he negotiated a lucrative contract to make a new series in New York. And by December 1991, when he was the subject of an Omnibus programme, English television producers were again eager to lure him back. Thames Television, meanwhile, had lost its franchise. Benny Hill was born Alfred Hawthorn Hill at Shirley, a suburb of Southampton, on Jan 21 1925. His grandfather had been with Bertram Mills Circus and his father had shown similar inclinations before abandoning the Big Top to become a surgical appliance outfitter. Alas, to young Alfred's schoolfellows it was only too evident that "Hillie's Dad sells Frenchies". The boy was educated at Taunton Grammar School in Southampton, where his academic career was undistinguished - although the English master, Horace King, later Speaker of the House of Commons, apparently recognised his comic potential. At any rate, while still at school young Hill joined Bobbie's Concert Party, a semi-professional group which put on lunchtime shows. After leaving school at 15, he took a number of casual jobs, including that of milkman. He would drive his horse and cart round Southampton indulging the fantasy that it was Dodge City. This experience would bear fruit many years later, in 1971, with the No 1 hit record Ernie - "the fastest milk
The sky was filled with colours and all creation sings 66/365
The sky was filled with colours and all creation sings 66/365
Schedule for today: Singing in assembly, English, Spanish, HPV jab, early lunch, extra maths, Hamlet. I slept in soooo late this morning. 8.10am. I'm supposed to be in school by 8.30am. I was supposed to have my HPV jab at 8.15am, & only woke up because Alice had come round to the house so we could go together to get our injections. I decided I'd go later though. I got to Assembly & we (the choir) practised singing through 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Since my last panic attack it's been a bit harder to control while singing, so in Assembly I was thinking more controlling my breathing than the actual singing. I was shaking so badly I'm sure if anyone had looked they'd have seen my music shaking. I wasn't happy with the overall result but Lizzie stopped me afterwards & told me she could hear me & thought I'd sounded really good. That was nice of her. In English our teacher was very pompous & told me he didn't think Bohemian Rhapsody by a choir would work, and was very surprised that actually it had, and had done so very well too. I wanted to reply that it obviously worked as we were performing it in Assembly BECAUSE we'd won a competition with it. I think professional musicians might have a better idea of what "works" or not compared to him. Spanish was particularly hard because I couldn't remember the tense I was supposed to write in, but after 20minutes Hannah and I had to go for our HPV jabs. When we got to sickbay Hannah was about to come into the room with me for "moral support" when Sister (the school nurse) slammed the door on her! Gah. So going in the needle was fine, but when Sister pushed in the liquid it was so fast & hurt so badly that I couldn't help gasping. & my arm bled quite a lot afterwards, & the little piece of gauzey stuff she gave me for it shifted under my shirt so at the end of the day I noticed there were drops of blood all over the sleeve of my shirt. Gross. Hannah insisted I was with her when she had her injection, & then we went & sat next door with everyone else. Loran & Amy left pretty quickly, but Amber, Georgie, Emma & Pippa hung around for a while. We're only meant to stay for about 20mins after injections, but we didn't want to go back to Spanish class. Cuiping & her friend joined us later, & I managed to ask her if she'd do prefect duty with me tonight & she said yes! We went to early lunch & it was so awful. I ate nothing. Then we (Alex, Amber, Georgie, Hannah & I) went to club. I haven't been there in ages. & then I went & supervised detention. Hendrik came & sat with me for a while, & said he'd do detention duty with me too. He'd already done it the night before, but he offered so I said yes. He kept saying I was too strict in detention & that when he took detentions he always talked to people & let them go early, but I refused, much to everyone's annoyance. Extra Maths was nice enough. I did algebra quite well. Then I went to Oswestry with my Mom & bought tipex. Very important for revision. At Hamelt Cuiping, Hendrik and I all hang around and did our prefect duties. Hendrik brought sweets so every now & again I'd turn around & Cuiping we'd be feeding me maltesers or something. After the audience had gone in Hendrik disappeared & Cuiping & I hung out in the foyer tidying up after everyone. I read my Spanish-English book for some of the time & she played on my phone & listened to my ipod. During the interval she stole us a strawberry cookie & we split it once the audience had gone back in. Max turned up at this point & was a complete bastard to me so Cuiping pretended to vomit every time she saw him. Then when he came & sat down at our table & tried to kick my drink, ipod & phone off the table I pointed out that no one who was sitting there (Konstantin, Cuiping and I) actually wanted him there, so would he please go. He just stuck his feet in my face. I really don't like him now. I can't believe we used to be so close. It was really fun hanging out with Cuiping though. She's so friendly and likes everyone (except Max, which shows how much of a twat he actually is). I was so tired when I got home that even though I had no school the next day I just went straight to bed. 66/365

spanish club t shirt ideas