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26th December - hitting the sales
26th December - hitting the sales
Boxing day and Nick working a 12 hour shift, so I made the possibly insane decision to nip into Kingston with both children to check out the sales and kill some time before it was a decent hour to descend on my parents. Actually it worked okay - we only ventured into one shop (the fabulous Polarn O Pyret) where the children could play with lego whilst I raided the rails. To add to my POP booty, I also had a cheeky afternoon trip to Cath Kidston in Wimbledon to pick up a t-shirt I'd had my eye on for Eli. The rest of my sales shopping has all been done online, which is rather calmer. So the children's wardrobes for Winter 2011/12 are beginning to take shape. I love buying ahead in the sales - it is a good way to afford the funky gear I like to dress them in, and I'm always pleased to have bagged a bargain. And even in my own crazy mind, I can't justify buying them any more in their current sizes.
New T-Shirt
New T-Shirt
I LOVE the age of Technology!! It allows for niche markets to be satisfied as easily as mass markets. I found this design of two 1856 fashion dudes online; they were in a fashion illustration from an old magazine- I cropped the two guys away from the other people in the illustration and created my own artwork, then had Zazzle make me the shirt in my size and color- it took 3 days and cost me $30- and I had a coupon. The fact that I have a cool shirt and I am the only one who does is even more cool- the only cooler thing would be to offer this online with Zazzle and have others buy it because they think it is cool, too!

buy cool t shirts online