The 80gram panoramic tripod head

The ideal travel panohead. Lightweight and strong



So you want to travel and create panoramic photos?

But you don't want to carry a heavy panorama head?

You don't have to!

Here is the 80gram panorama head. Strong and light!

Available for the Sigma 8mm lens, soon other lenses too.


Made from light but very strong plastic and metal, lined with rubber to protect your lens. It attaches straight to your tripod or monopod keeping vibrations to a minimum, unlike other panoheads. The head attaches right above the screw allowing you to rotate the camera around the central point of the lens.

We have used panoheads as shown for a long time now, it does the job perfectly! It can hold the heaviest of cameras without a problem. And weighing just 80 gram, less than 3 ounces, you will always have it with you!

At the moment we only produce panoheads for the Sigma 8mm f3.5 and the Sigma 8mm f4. If you are interested in getting the panohead for another lens, send us an email and we will notify you as soon as we make it.


EU €21 + €3 postage

UK £16 + £2 postage

US $24 + $4 postage
To buy now with any card click

Why carry around a complicated and heavy panorama head when all you use is one camera and one lens. The weight and the shaky structure does not improve your pictures, does it? Get our 80 gram head! To buy, click the link above.

The 80 gram panohead