Oreo Cookie Cake Recipe

oreo cookie cake recipe
    oreo cookie
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Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake
Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake
My friend Krissy gave me the Chocolate cake mix doctor recipe book for my B-day. So Hendrix and I picked this out as the first recipe to try. We picked it because Jason loves cookies and cream so we knew he would like it. This is also my first ever four layer cake, I baked 2 9" rounds and cut them in each in half. The frosting and filling is simply fresh whipped cream with oreo crumbs folded in.
cookies 'n cream cupcakes
cookies 'n cream cupcakes
Made with crushed oreos. The cake itself was great -- very moist. I didn't like the frosting recipe, though, and after I added more crushed oreos, it turned kind of gray. Yuck. I'll make these again, though, with a different frosting.

oreo cookie cake recipe
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