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Cooker Door

cooker door
  • The Cooker is an album by jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the Blue Note label in 1957. It was recorded on September 29, 1957 and features performances by Morgan, Pepper Adams, Bobby Timmons, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones.
  • An appliance used for cooking food
  • a utensil for cooking
  • A kitchen stove, cooking stove, cookstove or cooker is a kitchen appliance designed for the purpose of cooking food. Kitchen stoves rely on the application of direct heat for the cooking process and may also contain an oven, used for baking.
  • A hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework of a cupboard
  • a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle; "he knocked on the door"; "he slammed the door as he left"
  • doorway: the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close; "he stuck his head in the doorway"
  • anything providing a means of access (or escape); "we closed the door to Haitian immigrants"; "education is the door to success"
  • A doorway
  • Used to refer to the distance from one building in a row to another

Estaminet, Emma's Backporch and the Water Street Cooker, Doors Open, Burlington, ON
Estaminet, Emma's Backporch and the Water Street Cooker, Doors Open, Burlington, ON
The house was built in 1843 in 3-bay Georgian style, and is best known as the Estaminet Standard Hotel from 1919 to 1952. It now contains two restaurants: Emma's Backporch and the Water Street Cooker. The photo shows the main staircase leading to the Cooker.
Britannia Dynasty Cooker
Britannia Dynasty Cooker
The Dynasty range will suit any kitchen style, traditional or modern. The solid door construction and chunky controls provide this range with a professional feel.

cooker door
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