Lotte Hotel & Casino Jeju

Lotte Hotel & Casino Jeju is located in Seogwipo city in the Jungmun Resort Complex.  The Korean drama "All In" was filmed in this hotel & casino.  This casino is part of the Paradise Group.

These chips were current as of June 2014.
The 1.000 chip is H&C (RHC) mold and the other two were made by B et G.

Sample chips?
Here are a couple of unusual chips.  The scan of the pink chip was sent to me by fellow chip collector Walter Dirzulaitis.

These chips appear to be fairly recent samples because of the spelling of Jeju as opposed to Cheju.
What's unusual are the two (2) drilled holes, the mold design and "10M" on the inlay.  Both are the same on each side.
Does anyone have any information on these chips?  Contact Me and I will pass on the information.
Slot Card
This slot card has Lotte Jeju on the left and Grand Jeju on the right.  Both casinos are part of the Paradise Group.