What about the guitar then

They say an old guitar is all he can afford, when he get's up under the lights to play his thing...


A modern Fender Stratocaster


Don't buy this guitar


Can't you just feel that sustain !!!

The humble guitar has been around since the sixteenth century, but only until the 1940's did anyone think to electrify it, although technology probably held the brakes on for a while, but give that man a large drink.

Charlie Christian put a pickup on his jazz guitar and the rest is as they say history.

Even before that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads and created a style of playing that still continues to this day.

The three Kings and many more Bluesmen came from the Delta and played from the soul and electric Blues was born.

Elvis Presley started shaking his knees and and hips to Scotty Moore's licks and started a revolution, then Buddy Holley played that un-mistakable intro to "That'll be the day" and every teenager wanted to play the guitar.

There are many great guitars to choose from and you don't need to pay a small fortune for them either. A used copy of a Strat made in Korea or any other country will do just fine as long as it's set up properly and feels comfortable to play. There are also Les Paul type copies if humbucker tones are more your thing, again make sure it feels comfortable to play before you part with your hard earned cash.

Tip  The best guitars are the ones that are nicely worn in with a few battle scars.

Tip   Buy a tuner with your guitar and use it, anything played on a tuned guitar sounds more pleasing to the ear than if it was out of tune.

Tip  When buying a guitar take a guitar playing friend with you to help you with your choice, he or she will be in a position to spot things that you may not notice.

Tip  When selecting your guitar, if it comes off the wall hanger and is perfectly tuned and the strings feel nice and smooth then that is a favourite guitar of one of the sales team, (it's a good un). The strings are smooth because it's constantly being played, a guitar with rough oxidized strings that are out of tune has not been played that much so may not be that inspiring to play. Try all of the guitars if you have to, it's your money.

I used the above tip and bought myself a really nice guitar, and it still plays really nice and stays in tune well.

Tip  Play Smoke on the water or Stairway to heaven in the music store at your own peril, the sales person may call in the riff police, you have been warned...