Have you got that in a nice pastal shade of purple or pink?

A usefull one stop tool


The Industry standard


Batteries not included


A useful A-B switcher pedal



For a regularly gigging guitarist there are a few must haves in the accessory department.


For a start you need something to carry your guitar in, I know the padded guitar bag has come a long way and they do protect the finish of the guitar but the all important neck join is still vulnerable with a bag. A well designed hard shell guitar case is more expensive but will I think protect your cherished guitar better. Then again I have witnessed hard shell guitar cases falling over in the back of a van, as well as heavy amps and pa cabinets rolling around. I know what I would prefer my guitar to be in though. A word of warning though, make sure the case was designed for your type of guitar and it fits snugly. 


The all important guitar lead, I use a medium quality 6 metre cable with strain relief on the plugs from guitar to pedal board then a 10 metre cable of the same type from pedal board to the amp. It is important to keep the cables as short as they need be especially the one from guitar to pedal board, longer cables tend to degrade the treble part of your signal. I have never used one of those boutique guitar leads with the gold plating and the oxygen free 99.999 % copper cable so I cannot vouch for them.


A tuner that you can see in low light conditions and possibly an A-B switcher pedal so that you can route your guitar direct into the tuner and tune up in silence, some tuners suck a little bit of your signal if left in line.


Torch, screwdrivers pliers and, or a roadie rench, a spare IEC mains cable, spare fuses, batteries, spare strings, plectrums etc.


A heavy duty bag of some kind to put all your bits a pieces in is a good idea too.

Apologies if all of the above sounds obvious but I have been guilty of leaving the most important thing behind for a guitarist, yes the guitar. I had to do an hour round trip to get it, since then I check and count all of my gear now military style before leaving.

True story. A friend of mine has a 1970 Gibson SG (a tone monster), one day he opened the case only to find the headstock had snapped just hehind the nut. The costly repair is almost invisible but it is still a mystery how it happened, the guitar when not in use has always been kept in it's case ...