PIC Microcontroller Pin Diagram

posted Oct 8, 2011, 2:27 PM by sheheer sulaiman   [ updated Nov 29, 2011, 12:14 AM ]

I have put these PIC chip pin out diagrams here as I am constantly referring to them and it takes ages to find where I put them on the PC. There are also some other commondevices as well.

I hope you find them useful as well.

Note: If you are just starting out I would recommend using the 16F877A or 16F88 and 18F devices are also very easy having compiler friendly memory maps.

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12F675 pinout

The 12F675 is the smallest PIC microcontroller chip and has only 8 pins but as you can see it is packed with multiple functions for each pin.  This is a fully expanded pin description and in practice it would be better to reduce the pin descriptions to those you are using (by redefining the library part as below). 

You could just use the original description using GP1 etc but this doesn't give much useful information - but gives a very small space saving schematic symbol.
WARNING READ THE 12F675 1st BEFORE PROGRAMMING to get OSCCAL value out at location 3FFF hex. 
This will save you having to 
re-calibrate the internal oscillator.
(More info on the 12F675 page and here.)
(Calibration storage : 
tip for storing the calibration value ) 
12F675 pin out
Other views:
PIC12F675 PIC microcontroller micro controllerPIC 12F675 micro controller

16F84 pinout

The 16F84 is the most well known of the PIC micrcocontroller chips included here for reference as the it's getting a bit old now.  (The 16F88 is a better choice for general project work and has the same pinout).

chip pinout 16F84

16F88 pinout

The 16F88 is the next largest chip used in the projects and has 18 pins. As there are more pins functions have beenspread out amongst them so it's easier to use.

16F88 pin out

16F877A pinout  

The 16F877A is the largest chip used (40 pins) in theprojects on this site and the pin functions are much more spread out.  This makes it the easiest chip to use for designs as you can put separate circuits on separate ports without having to think too much if you are going to need a different function later on.  

16F877A pin out

MAX232 pinout  

The RS232 level translator chip TTL to RS232 and RS232 to TTL. 

Note: An equivalent chip is SP202ECP and it lets you use 100nF.

MAX232 chip pin out


Standard voltage regulator.

78L05 5V voltage regulator