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i eat babies t shirt
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i eat babies t shirt - White Tiger,
White Tiger, Should I love you and Eat You - Toddler T-Shirt (3T)
White Tiger, Should I love you and Eat You - Toddler T-Shirt (3T)
White Tiger, Should I love you and Eat You T-Shirt is commercial quality high resolution heat transfers garment. 5.6-ounce, 50-50 cotton-poly; taped shoulder to shoulder, coverseamed ribbed collar, double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Toddler and infant t-shirts are 4.1-ounce. 100% ring spun combed cotton. Our image transfer produces professional matte finish with Premium Quality and Superior image resolution. Colors do not bleed and the image is sharp and crisp. Available in white, gray, blue and pink. Washing Instructions: 1. Turn Garment inside-out and machine wash in cold water. 2. Do not use Bleach or Fabric Softener. 3. Detergents with bleach additives are not recommended. 4. Tumble Dry on Warm. 5. Do not Iron. Do not Dry clean.

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Day 09
Day 09
DAY NINE Todays picture was taken recently on a day trip to Whitstable on the north Kent coast. Woke around 2am by a restful Carys again, we slept most of the rest of the night together on the couch in the nursery, she woke at 5.20am and played quietly with her Friesian cow which she has grown quite attached too and she keeps pushing it into my face to share the experience with me, what a good sharer. Today she suckles at from Sarah at 6am. 6.20 I attempt a quick nap, but I’m called to get Carys again, no luck there, I’ll be fully awake at 9am and then it’ll be too late for a nap, but I’ll feel tired after lunch, just when Carys is high as a kite. 6.25am Find Carys in her nursery quietly entertaining herself with “Drawer Emptying”, a solo pastime which involves throwing all her neatly folded (not ironed) clothes onto the floor, sometimes she may put a few back into the drawer, but this is only when she is running out of things to empty, it’s just to replenish her own fun really. 6.30 Carys is banging her new ?12-Reduced-From-?18 shoes violently (she does everything heavy handed) on the floor. 6.45am I prepare double pear and weetabix for Carys’ brekky, but Carys has disappeared, she’s not anywhere in the kitchen or lounge, nor even her nursery, I look at the open door that leads to upstairs, oh dear I bet she’s up there – she is, half way up standing up on a stair grinning, chuffed with her mischief making. What if she fell, on my head it would be, what responsibility? And they’d put it in the Evening Standard – “BABY KILLER!, Man in ?300,000 yuppie flat lets baby fall down stairs, callous Labour voter Steffan MacMillan tortured his baby repeatedly over… ” and on it would go and then I’d go to jail for it and they’d probably put me on the Child Abuser wing in a cell with someone called Bummerdog or somebody like that… 7am Sarah spoon feeds brekky to Carys from a metal teaspoon, which is devoured quickly, her arms resting at her side, her only body movement being her mouth opening like a fish. It can’t be too long until she makes the step up to 1.5 weetabii can it? 7.20am Carys plays ‘Emptying Nappy Sacks’ out of the scented nappy sack container, I constantly have to keep an eye on her, this incapacitates me from doing my chores, such as washing dishes or wiping the floor. This is quickly followed by rounds of ‘Emptying Wet Wipes’, and ‘Climbing Up Green Leatherette Armchair”, all fun for her, but would get me in the Evening Standard at worst or stop me from choring at best. It seems Carys may be left handed, she uses her right hand to grip onto an edge, and uses the left to discard whatever she can grab, what would have happened to her in the Evil Soviet Union of Baddies? Would they have taken her away from us and‘train’ her to be right handed with electro shock treatment? How will she ever use a camera properly, they’re all designed for right-handers, we’ll have to go to special ‘Left Hander’ shops, it’ll be like being blind, will they give us a special dog? Oh god please let her be right handed, oh the shame on the family! What will they say back in Wales! we’ll just make sure she keeps her hands in her pockets every time we go visiting. 7.50am Sarah tries Carys’ new shoes on again, as she is in a good mood she may forget that she’s wearing the - nope she cries, she tries to scrape them off. Is this another monumental waste of money along with the playpen, swimming lessons and the Mothercare ‘black out’ blind? Can she go shoeless all her life like they do in Fiji? 8.15am Sarah departs for work, and leaves me with a shopping list (washing up liquid, bleach, toilet roll, fruit and vegetables), a cheque for all the mortgage and a list of playgroups we can go to today, I am revved up and ready to tackle the Peckham Librarty playgroup at 10 am-12 noon. I don’t know what to do about my voicebox having a split personality, when in the house when with Carys it seems to jump an octave higher and my Welsh Valleys accent becomes a lot stronger, it resembles that female character in the Rentaghost TV show from 20 something years ago. But in public voicebox becomes himself again, deeper with a more clipped generic Welsh accent. It seems I have no control over this toing and froing, what if my Rentaghost accent takes over and becomes the norm? This split personality must confuse Carys, what will she think? That it’s normal to for your voice to behave in two different ways depending on what room you’re in? This is no good for no one. 8.30am I put Carys to nap, quite easily today not like yesterdays episode. 8.40am I do a spot of re-touching on the actress lady, and now all three shots should be given the big thumbs up. 10.06am Carys wakes from her nap, I know this from listening to her on the intercom fridge sounding device from Tomy, I go down and she is there standing up in her cot waiting to be retrieved, she has a big smile on her face when I enter the nursery, this warms my heart. 10.40am We head out
Kitty Story
Kitty Story
A few weekends ago when we were still looking for GT we had expanded our search and flyer posting to several miles out into the country where we had known of stray colonies. One of the locations we checked no longer had any cats (we left some food just in case) but we did see and hear some kittens crying near the river. Upon a closer look we could see two small kittens but no mother. There were also some young children that were trying to coax the scared kittens out from under the bushes. I asked the little girl if they were her kittens and she said indicated yes. Then I asked her if she brought them with her and she said yes again. We were pretty disappointed to think that parents would allow their children to bring helpless kittens to such a remote location for a family picnic and then essentially loose them. As we left I told the little girl to make sure she didn’t leave without getting them and taking them home. Of course it’s also possible that the children didn’t bring them but hoped to leave with them. Regardless there was no sign of a mother cat or any other cats for that matter and this was a fairly wild area. All week long we knew in the back of our minds that the chance of the kittens being left behind was extremely high so on Sunday we drove back out to the location by the river and sure enough, there was still one kitten hiding out under the bushes. Art tried to get it by a food offering but quickly realized that was not going to work. He climbed through some raspberry bushes, enduring mosquito bites and thorns for just the right opportunity to quickly grab the tiny hungry kitten, wrap him in a shirt and we drive back home. Obviously this little guy hasn’t eaten properly for at least a week and is very timid if loose on the ground, but is purring louder every hour when handled and is making up for any meals he might have missed. We’re keeping him (we think it’s a boy but it’s so young it’s a little had to tell) confined to a carrier/kennel with water/food/toys, making frequent (and successful) visits to the litter-box and lots of holding with body pets to help acclimate this fearful little thing. Aside from serious neglect for at least the past week, this little baby is in great health. I suspect it will take a while for him to feel comfortable when turned loose and not run/hide but he’s taking well to affection and handling. I think a home without young children will be an especially good choice for this furry little friend. So, the last thing we need is another cat, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re in a better position to foster and re-home this baby than anyone else he’s encountered to far.

i eat babies t shirt
i eat babies t shirt
Toddler Tshirt - 5.5oz.100% Cotton in White Yellow Light Pink or Baby Blue I eat at moms with polar bears
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