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Biodegradable T Shirt Bags

biodegradable t shirt bags
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  • Biodegradation is the chemical breakdown of materials by a physiological environment. The term is often used in relation to ecology, waste management and environmental remediation (bioremediation). Organic material can be degraded aerobically with oxygen, or anaerobically, without oxygen.
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Make it Right
Make it Right
Brooch: Make it Right – brooch made from a photo Tom took of a painting of Brad Pitt that hangs in the Make it Right offices. The painting was done by students of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art. Brooch Materials: nickel, acrylic, brass, stainless steel, photo Panel Materials: wood, acrylic, photo, steel wire, pink material from the 150 Pink Houses art project initiative that launched the Make it Right program, electric switches, light bulbs, stainless steel, paint 2010, 19"w x 25"h x 8"d "Make it Right" The Lower 9th Ward got a lot of press post-Katrina. And well it should have. Because, when the Industrial Canal flood wall was overtopped by the huge storm surge coursing down the MRGO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) into the “Funnel”*, it undermined the footings of the wall and toppled it backwards releasing all of that surge into the Lower 9th, the Holy Cross and St. Bernard districts. It rushed into neighborhoods that had been the place were the working poor of New Orleans had found their opportunity to own a small piece of the American Dream as New Orleans looked to areas outside its historic confines for development. These areas were the lowlands that had always surrounded the city. You protect them with floodwalls and levees and hope you can keep the high water out. The homes in these areas were built, for the most part, using historic methodologies and design…i.e. Shotgun houses! Long narrow frame construction set on short piers relatively close to the ground. In other words they weren’t designed with the conditions of the land, the environment or storm threat in mind. So, when the waters came rushing in those homes in proximity to a wall failure, were turned into boats! They floated up off their foundations and went helter-skelter careening through the district, crashing into other homes and eventually settleing down on top of cars, trucks, in the middle of the streets and in the oddest arrangements imaginable. Outside of the “blast zone”, a 100 square block area immediately in front of the break, the homes simply filled up to their ceilings with nasty, stinky water that quietly seeped into the structures. The pumps that keep us dry by sucking the water off of the streets via the storm drains can only handle an inch of rain per hour. The surge from Katrina swamped those pumping stations and they were strategically shut down before the invading waters fried the motors beyond possible future repair. So, it was a month before the flooded districts of the city got pumped out by huge mobile pumps, brought in to replace the shutdown pumping stations. Needless to say this was a devastating event for the residents of these districts. What do you do when faced with this level of destruction? Enter Brad Pitt. Like many of us, he, along with a whole long list of celebrity types, had fallen in with New Orleans and established residency here. He witnessed the daunting task facing the residents of this district and decided to help. He applied his star power and his personal financial resources to stimulate the creation of an appropriate redevelopment program. And what a program Make it Right has turned out to be. The non-profit group Common Ground, was the first organization to dedicate its efforts in assisting residents to recover and rebuild in the Lower 9th. They provided the groundwork for what came next. Sometime during the early stages of the Make It Right startup, Brad had seen a house, somewhere in town that had been tented for termite extermination. It was a bright pink tent. It startled and inspired him to suggest the creation of a pink tent city that would be used as a public awareness and fund raising vehicle. The architecture team of Make It Right set to work designing the pink tent city to emulate the positions of the houses in the district that had been swept away. They borrowed the scaffolding used by the city for Mardi Gras bleachers and reconfigured them into house shaped pipe forms, then covered them with a biodegradable pink waterproof canvas. For the opening night party, many of the structures were illuminated from the interior making the whole 10 block area glow with a warm pink hue that truly gave one the sense that we were coming back and that the future was bright. They gave me one of these tents for use in this panel and they still have a lot left which they have been converting into bags and satchels that they sell on their website. Make It Right then launched an international design competition to design environmentally appropriate housing designs for rebuilding this district. What has happened as a result of this incredible dedication is truly one of the most astounding events I have ever witnessed. And, is easily one of the most remarkable post-Katrina events that are changing the face of the city, not only physically but psychologically as
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biodegradable t shirt bags