The Frugal Maker

UPDATE:  I am moving my Raspberry Pi projects to a new website:

Collected here are some of my recent projects designed for people on a budget.  Use the navigation bar at the left to peruse them.  Hopefully the page names are self-explanatory.

The files subpages under each project contain source code, changelogs and license files.

The links subpages under each project contain links to reference material that was useful for the project.

Most of the projects are Raspberry Pi related for obvious cost reasons.  However, some projects include tips and tricks that you may find useful for your projects.

Yes, I know the site design is horrid. This is what you get when you let a command line guy design a web site.  I am just quickly documenting what I have done so you can benefit from it.

I would rather be making things than twiddling with a web site anyway.

Contact me if you can't figure something out.  My gmail address is 7w0n0d3.  Please be patient, I don't check it every day.