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 Team 7th District A Band of Brothers and Sisters

             In Arms for a Greater Good!

                   7th District, Department of Iowa, The American Legion

                      THE "PIONEER" DISTRICT,
                                                        Including the 13 Southwest IA counties of:
                                                    Adair, Adams, Audubon, Cass, Fremont, Guthrie,
                                                    Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Pottawatomie,
                                                    Shelby, and Taylor! 


     District #7 Iowa now has a "
WALL OF HONOR."  Any Honorably Discharged District #7 veteran, living or dead, is eligible to be listed. Send $10 donation or more for each Honoree to the District #7 Commander/Finance Officer with the vets info(see application form). Listings will be in the order received, and the donated funds will be used for 7th District programs serving veterans, youths, and activities! 

      District #7 now has a --"PIONEER" Iowa District #7-- Pin for your hat. They are available for a $3 donation each to 7District. They are sharp. Proceeds will be used for District Youth and Legion programs and activities. To get yours, contact Finance Officer Ray Harris @ 712.246.1406! He will send as many to you as you want! Thanks for your donation!

March 25th, Medal of Honor Day
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