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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Hotels

rock and roll hall of fame hotels
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Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Phantom on Rodeo Dr. This is the famous BP111 of LA. Here is the story of how his car is parked in the same place everyday...he bought his personal assistant a Mercades and she parks it in that spot sometimes hours before he arrives. When he gets there she moves the Mercades and he gets his spot. That is why there is an exotic car of some sort in this parking spot everyday!
Flint City Hall early 1900s, Original Photo
Flint City Hall early 1900s, Original Photo
This is an original photo from my private collection. Here we see Flint City Hall in the center and the Hotel Dresden on the left. Downtown Flint Michigan. This original photo is for sale for $500.

rock and roll hall of fame hotels
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