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How Does Your Baby Look At 4 Weeks

how does your baby look at 4 weeks
    baby look
  • Baby doll women's t-shirt.
    how does
  • PowerGUARD™ Power Conditioning work?
  • a better "Vocabulary" help me?
  • Workdays as opposed to the weekend; the five days from Monday to Friday
  • (week) workweek: hours or days of work in a calendar week; "they worked a 40-hour week"
  • A period of seven days
  • The period of seven days generally reckoned from and to midnight on Saturday night
  • (week) any period of seven consecutive days; "it rained for a week"
  • Weeks is a surname. For information on the surname itself, see Weeks (surname). Some notable people with the name Weeks are: * Alan Weeks (1923-1996), British television sports reporter and commentator * Bert Weeks, mayor of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, from 1975 to 1982 * Bob Weeks (born 1960),
    at 4
  • The AT4 (also variously AT-4, AT4 CS, AT4-CS, or AT-4CS) is an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon built in Sweden by Saab Bofors Dynamics (previously Bofors Anti-Armour Systems).
how does your baby look at 4 weeks - Introduction to
Introduction to How Does Your Engine Run?: The Alert Program for Self-Regulation
Introduction to How Does Your Engine Run?: The Alert Program for Self-Regulation
This booklet is an excerpt from the first chapter of the Leader's Guide. It is an overview of the program. Teachers often give the booklet to a parent to share what Alert Program concepts the student is learning at school. Likewise, parents can use it as a resource to give to teachers to have them understand what they are doing with their child at home. Or, therapists can give this booklet to parents to help them understand what their child is working on in therapy. All appreciate this concise summary of the most important Alert Program concepts.

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Loving His Mommy and a Weekly Update
Loving His Mommy and a Weekly Update
Today I got to Kangaroo Care with Jack, it's a skin to skin method of holding the baby. it was GREAT!!! Jack had a great week so it wasn't surprising when I talked to his nurse today and found out he started having quite a few more episodes of forgetting to breathe, but she suctioned him out and he got better. I met with his neurosurgeon this week to find out that there is more fluid on his brain so Monday morning (tomorrow) they are going to do another head ultrasound to see if it's increasing, decreasing or staying the same. If it increases Tuesday at 7:30 am he will have to undergo surgery for a temporary shunt that will be replaced once he's almost 4 pounds which would be about 2 weeks after he has his intestinal surgery to reconnect his intestines. I am praying it will either stay the same or lessen. But God is in control and whatever His will is He will get us through it. Good news is that his hemorrhaging or blood on the brain is resolving itself. They tried to take him off the C-Pap (or larger respirator) to put him on the nasal cannula (smaller respirator) but he decided he still wanted help so they put him back on the C-Pap. He seems to need the extra pressure but the breathing portion is at a 12 so it's barely helping him to breath. They may try again in a few days to take him off of it. This week was a great week for me caring for him, I got to give him a bath, help with changing the colostomy bag, held him in my hands 2x's and today got to Kangaroo care him, which is skin to skin his tummy on me. It was wonderful and it's supposed to be really healing for him and help him grow. I do have to say it's really healing to me as well. The nurses are also letting me help out a lot more when I am there, I love it!!! On average he gains 10 - 20 grams a night last night he gained a whole ounce for a whopping 2 pounds 4 oz, he's doing so well and each day they up his feedings .5 ml for a total today of 4mls an hour for him, they feed him 4mls an hour for 3 hours and then off an hour and begin again. They check to see how much he's digested and so far he's digesting most of it. Last night I saw how much he's filling out, he's getting pudgier which is weird to see but really nice. I've gotten use to how lean and skinny and long he's looked but now he's putting fat on his bones and looking great, more like a smaller sized full term baby now. Us, we are all hanging in there... Isabelle is keeping way busy this summer and Paul is doing well although this week he pulled his sciatic nerve so had to take it slower this week than usual. Me, I'm exhausted but hanging in there but I'm in good spirits. Thanks again for all your prayers and support!!! God Bless you all and please if you have people who are praying for us pass this news on the them and give them a big Thank You to them as well.
Chocolate is good for your skin, right?
Chocolate is good for your skin, right?
I had to make brownies for youth group tonight. And I was like "Aww, I haven't taken a selfie in almost a week, I miss it", so I got my camera and tripod, and shot some stuff. Of course I had to mess around with the leftover brownie batter. I had so much fun with this shot. And I feel like I have had enough chocolate for the rest of the year! ;) Turns out, it's Saturday and Sundays that are the least stressful for me, and the days that I have the most me-time. So I was thinking I would start something like Selfie Saturday. And/or Sunday. We'll see. But I do miss taking some selfies. Although they weren't the most creative or astonishing, they were a lot of fun. Some sad news.. I think my 28-135mm lens is messed up :/ At least the focus is. I can't do the automatic nor the manual focus. Sounds like there's like, sand in the lens or something. I have no idea how that happened, eep. So now I just have my dearly beloved 50mm. I am gonna ask my mom to take a look at the lens tonight. Back to the youth group topic - it's the first youth group after summer, and I am sooooo excited! I am helping with a lot of different stuff, and I am excited, because youth group is like one of the places in the world where I just feel 110% at home. I am not good at speaking in public, for example, but in front of those guys, it's a pleasure. :) Oh, and I feel like a spoiled brat, for some reason I always want what I don't have at the time. Right now I am in one of those "I-miss-the-US"-moods. I was an exchange student there three years ago, I have gone back every six months since, and those guys over there are some of my best friends in the world even though they are thousands of miles away. I wish I could hang out with them right now. They tell me to just move back over there. But I mean, Norway is my home. I have family and a lot of my best friends here, too. This is where I want to study. Oh, and I miss Ghana too, and the babies home. Boo-hoo, poor me. Not really. I have an amazing life. Just need to stop being so spoiled! God is awesome. I went to youth group in Oslo yesterday (Tonight's youth group is in Honefoss, my home town), and it was just beyond amazing, I had a great encounter with God during worship and it was just wonderful to feel that. :) Today's random fact: I usually eat really healthy. I don't drink soda/pop or alcohol. I don't eat potato chips, hamburgers or greasy fries. But chocolate? Can't live without it. The end.

how does your baby look at 4 weeks
how does your baby look at 4 weeks
How Does God Listen?
How Does God Listen? For ages 3–6
Multicultural, Nondenominational, Nonsectarian Endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist Religious Leaders
"How Do I Know that God is listening? I can’t See God."
"Well, there are lots of things we can’t see, yet we know they are there."
How can we know that God listens to us? This lively book helps children use all of their senses to explore how God is always present in their everyday lives, and is always listening. Using simple, everyday examples to which children can relate, How Does God Listen? helps children develop a direct and personal understanding of God. How Does God Listen? teaches children—and the rest of us—that God is everywhere, and that the world is full of wonder.

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