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Medical Transport Franchise

medical transport franchise
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Thamesdown Transport-Help is needed please save her!!!!
Thamesdown Transport-Help is needed please save her!!!!
Former Thamesdown Transport Leyland Fleetline 305(BMR 205V) Is for sale on Ebay at the moment. Im just warning everyone to save her as she is the last of the fleet that Thamesdown bt new. 299 is with Thamesdown 300 was scrapped 301 was donated to Sri Lanka im not sure if it survives. 302 is preserved and is alive 303 was scrapped 304 is preserved 305 as seen in the photo. More info please see Ebay please save her. 5d 00h (17 Dec, 201113:07:23 GMT) ?999.00 BMR 205 V was operated by Thamesdown Transport Swindon. It was purchased by an engineer connected to the company who wanted to set up an exhibition unit and he considered 305 to be a good vehicle. The project did not go ahead. The majority of the seats are no longer in the bus. The bus has been dry stored with us now for a year and looks a lot better than the pictures suggest taken a year ago. The bus drives smoothly and strongly with excellent stearing. Questions to our Andover Depot; Michael Elliott 01264 771616 or Peter Bailey 07810 772074
RSL Transport 891 & Isarog Line 114
RSL Transport 891 & Isarog Line 114
RSL Transport 891 Higer H92B1 (KLQ6125B1) Engine: YuChai YC6L330-30 Chassis: Higer KLQ6120E3 Manufacturer: Suzhou King Long United (Higer Bus Limited) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isarog Line 114 Jac Universe (JAC Coach HK6124AM1) Engine: YuChai YC6L310-30 Chassis: HFC6124KAYD3 Manufacturer: Anhui JAC Coaches Co. Ltd. Shot Location: RSL, Isarog & PenTours Terminal, Cubao. =) *Specifications are subjected for verification and may be changed without prior notice.

medical transport franchise
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