Now ... Almost 8 Billion and You!

Estimated world population when this website was created, January 01, 2013 7,056,700,180

Estimated world population as this website was re-focussed, January 15, 2022 7,872,043,670

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Originally created in 2013 by the Human Evolutionary Studies Program, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, hoped to foster informed dialogue on population-related topics. Now - nine years later - global populations have grown to almost 8 billions, and informed discussions on these topics are needed more urgently than ever.

The form and focus of those discussions, at least on this website, have yet to be determined. However, one thing is certain: whatever develops from our constantly increasing human numbers - whatever the fallout - it will be experienced by each and every one of us. If we are not happy with those prospects, it's up to us to change.

To take part, please join our open group on Facebook, 7 Billion and You, where you can post, comment, and engage in a variety of discussions on population-related topics. We are also on Twitter @7BillionAndYou, so you can follow us, comment on, and retweet anything you think to be relevant and/or of interest.

You will find our original website by clicking on the three-horizontal-lines menu icon in the left corner of floating header of this page next to out URL.

We believe that informed discussion is a first and necessary step to effectively address the challenges produced by currently burgeoning human numbers. For more information, contact us at

And keep watch for (unfortunately) coming soon.